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5 Reasons your business needs a mobile app

Why mobile app? To get a deeper post on this question let us review some researches done by Gartner. According to Gartner, smartphone shipments across the world would reach 10 billion in 2016. This prediction points at the smartphone boom overtaking human population in number. For every single person of the 7 billion human population, there would be 1.5 smartphones shipped by 2016. The data is a clear suggestion that your business should go mobile. A mobile app provides infinite possibilities of customer engagement.

Let us have a deep look at ‘Why your business should have a mobile app?’.

Stand Out From The Crowd

The most important reason to consider developing a mobile app is to leverage customer loyalty. Standing apart in the competitive business market needs a big time investment on branding. A mobile app is really helpful in developing your business as a brand. It gives your business a face and a body and helps you stand out from the competitors. A mobile app in an end user’s smartphone acts as a reminiscent of your business which is similar to an advertisement. It also acts as an insignia of a reputed business and builds customer loyalty.

Improve Customer Engagement

According to eMarketer, mobile users would be spending more than 3 hours and 15 minutes a day in 2016, using mobile apps. If you are a B2C business, building a mobile app will help improve customer engagement which is otherwise hard to accomplish by other marketing methods. Building a user-friendly mobile app which prompts users to install it can increase customer engagement and in turn generate a lot of business leads.

Better Customer Support Tool

When it comes to customer support, a quick and prompt service is what expected by the end user. Most of the times this gets dragged by chain emails and endless IVR playbacks. With a handy mobile app, a customer can complain, request a service or provide feedback with ease. A mobile app makes it easier and time-saving than lodging a complaint through email or requesting a service through a voice call.

Direct Marketing Platform

A mobile app is a marketing platform which involves zero cost to the business. Your mobile app can showcase your products/services helping existing customers to choose any new services and recommend the same to their network. Introduction and promotion of new products are easier through a mobile app. You can use ‘push notifications’ and ‘featured product of the day’ options to draw customer attention.

Integrated Social Platform

A mobile app is an ideal tool to create a personalized relationship with the consumer. Integrating social media into the app can generate likes, comments, and prompt for in-app conversations with other users sharing service reviews, feedbacks, etc. Mobile apps facilitating social interactions have shown increased engagement, monetization, and retention. This also helps the consumers to connect with the business in a more personal way.

These are some of the important factors why mobile app development is gaining widespread popularity.

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