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Why do you need a remote development team?

Hiring a remote development team is not just about the cost savings it can offer. More organizations are ready to hire remote developers to gather a larger resource pool, gain a competitive edge in businesses by implementing ML & AI-based automation, cloud-based solutions, and to leverage RPA. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the benefits and the impact that remote developers can bring to an organization. As there’s an increased demand for offshore software development teams, read on to understand more about remote development.

Cost savings in operations and infrastructure

As we mentioned above, cost might be the primary interest to take into account when deciding to outsource technical services. Besides the apparent reduction of costs at the facilities and for equipment, the salaries may significantly affect your budget.

Even with equally qualified professionals, there may be significant differences in the overall salaries paid overseas when looking at countries recognized for their software development centers.

Even with the cost-saving benefits of remote development companies — to avert risks, always discuss the nuances of engagement models to find common ground with partner companies.

Productivity of developers

Compared to other knowledge workers, studies have shown that software developers’ self-rated productivity is more strongly related to task variety and ability to work remotely. A remotely working developer could be as productive, if not even more than an in-house developer — depending on your technology partner and the communication channels in place.

No matter how niche your requirements, you can find the right talent in a wide talent pool — when you outsource development. According to the 2019 Developer Skills Report by HackerRank — 41% of employers say that talent shortage is an issue they face when hiring developers. Remote development options let you pick the best from a global talent pool that is not limited to geography or availability.

Around the clock availability

“End users expect always on and incredible speed. To make that happen, tech companies need to match with continuous ways to track consumer feedback, fix bugs, and release the latest and greatest product “ — 6 Remote Team Trends, Terminal.

With the application DevOps model, remote teams offer continuous delivery in project development — which accrues the benefits of DevOps;

– Improved operational support and faster fixes.

– Good delivery process across IT and teams.

– Automation in delivery and bug fixes.

– Increased team flexibility and agility.

– Highly engaged teams.

– Cross-skilling and self-improvement.

– Collaborative working.

Remote teams can offer continuous technical support and delivery in project development. Organizations often worry about an 8hr work-day productivity, whereas by going remote — one can easily get a 16h or even a 24h work-day by weighing in the advantages of different time zones.

Leverage communication tools to drive collaboration

Using the right tools for your project is crucial for successful completion. Cloud-based tools are much more efficient while choosing collaboration tools. Agile methodology work best for remote or offshore development based projects. It ensures transparency, agility and efficiency in product development. Ultimately, developers are tools-based professionals. They’re adept at leveraging different software solutions to do different tasks and picking the right tool for the right job.

All you need is to integrate communication by scheduling review meetings with your remote team. Most remote development companies offer Tech Arch or PM assistance to their clients to help with this. A highly skilled tech person knows the importance of soft skills like communication and professionalism that are essential to making remote work a success. At Perfomatix, we offer our clients options to have video interviews with resources wherein they choose their right match.

For remote working environments, our top picks for team collaboration tools are –

– Slack, Skype, Zoom for morning scrum meetings (remote)

– Status reports and project management using tools like Zoho & Jira

– CRM tracking, assigning action items — Odoo

– Scheduled calls (remote) with clients, departments — Zoom

– Daily status review using different tools — Gsuite, Odoo

Summing up

Remote development teams could be as efficient as having an in-house development team. If you are unsure about hiring a whole technical wing for your organization, then going the offshore route is highly beneficial. Offshore development costs much less and helps in avoiding a whole lot of management & knowledge deficiency issues. For startups, it is especially beneficial since they could be facing budget crunches. Remote development widens your skill base and by never compromising on the quality of the end product.

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