Top 11 tools for microsoft azure development

Top 11 Tools for Microsoft Azure Development

Microsoft Azure is one of the sophisticated cloud computing solutions, which helps in developing and deploying databases, web apps, and hosted services on your preferred technology stack from Windows & SQL Server to MongoDB and Linux without any hassle. 

Microsoft Azure has several outstanding development tools.  When it comes to development tools, Azure developers always have an interest in exploring them. Considering this, here, we are going to discuss the top 11 Microsoft Azure development tools. 

Top 11 Microsoft Azure Development Tools

Cloud Explorer for Visual Studio

It is one of the outstanding names when it comes to Microsoft Azure cloud development tools. It helps in identifying the Microsoft azure resources based on the name, resource groups, or type directly from the Visual Studio IDE. [IDE- Integrated Development Environment]. 

With this tool, you can even find out the resource properties along with diagnostics activities & processes and available developers. Additionally, it integrates with the Azure Preview Portal for group and resource management. 


AzurePing is a utility extension available for free. It helps maintain the tabs for Azure Storage resources or Azure-hosted databases. AzurePing is an amazing tool for productivity, which functions as a local Windows Service. It consists of in-built loggings and makes use of Apache log4net extensions for adding notifications or loggings. 

SQL Database Migration Wizard

It is yet another outstanding Microsoft Azure development tool. It is useful in migrating SQL Server 2002, 2008, 2012, and 2014 databases to the SQL database. The SQL database migration wizard has several features such as updation and migration analyzers to identify and troubleshoot potential problems.

Graph Engine VSExtention

It is a software development kit (SDK) to provide development functionalities with the help of the distributed in-memory graph processing engine, formerly known as Trinity. The Graph Engine VSExtention development tool supports deployment to Azure directly.

Cloud Combine

Cloud combine is also one of the popular Microsoft Azure development tools due to its several functionalities. It is helpful in browsing, downloading, uploading, as well as transferring files among cloud storage services. This tool has cross-platform compatibility with diverse cloud storage services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. Additionally, it helps logging into the management of storage resources and cloud services easily. 


Currently, docker, supported by Microsoft Azure is the recommended option to create, manage, and deploy application containers. It established locally hosted Docker containers for development, as well as debugging. Along with this, it provides the benefit of full integration with Visual Studio IDE, which offers effectiveness in delivering associated tasks. 

Azure Blob Studio 

It is also a well-known Azure development tool, which is useful in managing Azure blob storage via creating and removing containers, managing blobs, and retrieving URIs. Additionally, it’s helpful for developers because of its standalone utility. 

Azure Grid 

It is yet another remarkable azure development tool. This tool leverages the Grid Computing framework that offers great functionalities, which streamlines the work of Azure developers.

Microsoft Azure Storage Connected Service 

This is a new Azure development tool, which helps in accessing design-time tools. It can also help configure the Azure storage services and generate code for using the services. Moreover, it is an ideal tool because of its functionality in using blobs, containers, and entities. 

Azure Developer Portal

The Azure developer portal is an open-source portal for developers. It has customization, styling, and authoring facilities via a built-in visual editor. Moreover, it would give an expansion of the existing core functionalities. 

Azure Tables for LightSwitch

This tool is for LightSwitch developers to make use of Azure Table storage as a native datasource for LightSwitch development. It helps you make connections with the existing storage, create new tables easily, generate WCF RIA services, define partitions and custom keys, and much more. 

Summing it up

Microsoft Azure is becoming a well-known choice among cloud computing platforms. As compared to other functionalities, Azure cloud’s development and deployment of application features are in high demand. 

Utilizing Microsoft Azure development tools makes the process of using Azure as a platform easy. If you are an Azure developer, then knowing about the Azure Development tools mentioned above is helpful.

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