Chrome Extensions for Testers

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Testers

Google chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into Chrome to change the browser functionality. There are a lot of extensions available for Testers in chrome, which helps to ease the testing and get it done faster.

Google Chrome is the must-have and most popular browser for testers. The number of extensions available in google chrome for testers beats any other browsers. And these extensions are handy and easily accessible.

Here I list the top 10 chrome extensions that every tester should have which make software testing easier.

TestCase Studio

TestCase Studio helps the testers to record the actions performed on the web in English sentences. Thus, it helps to share the steps to reproduce the bug while doing testing. This recorder plugin also records screenshots. It will also generate the XPath and Automation Code for every user action. Moreover, we can also save or copy these recorded steps.

The video tutorial for using  TestCase Studio.

Steps to use the tool-

  1. Click on the TestCase Studio logo in the toolbar.
  2. It will open the TestCase Studio window where click on the start recording option.
  3. Then start testing, it will automatically write an English sentence for every user action performed in the browser.
  4. You can download the steps by clicking the download button and copy the steps by clicking on the copy icon.


iMacros helps to record the actions we do on a particular web page and we can play back when needed. Thus, it helps to improve productivity when actual testing is performed.

It is very popular for regression testing, performance testing, and web transaction monitoring. As iMacros indicates, the most popular functionality of this web extension is the web macro recorder. This is a form filler on steroids with a highly-secure password manager (256-bit encryption).

Window Resizer

This chrome extension helps to test website layouts in different resolutions by resizing the browser’s window. These resolutions were customizable – we can add, delete or reorder these.  There are options to apply new dimensions to the window and to set the width or height of the window and also the window’s position.

This extension also features customizable global key shortcuts. It is an option to export the settings and import them to another computer.

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

This extension helps to record and capture screenshots of the screen.  We can record the screen in different dimensions from 720p, 1080p, or 4K. It allows you to save the recordings on a local disk or to your online account and can also download in WebM or MP4 format. It also provides the functionality to share the recording to Jira, Slack, Trello, Asana, and GitHub and Annotate & edit the recordings.

The extension allows us to capture the screenshot of the page fully or only the selected area. It allows you to Annotate, Edit, and Save it in  PNG or JPG format and to download screenshots as PDF. It also provides the option to share screenshots in Jira, Slack, Trello, Asana, and GitHub.

The video tutorial for using Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder:

Check My Links

This extension helps to find out the broken links in the webpage. When you are editing a webpage with lots of links, it is very difficult to check if all the links on the page are working fine. That’s where this extension comes in.

Check My Links checks all the links on the web page one by one and highlights which one is valid and which one is broken. It allows us to copy the broken link with one click to the clipboard.

Additionally, it helps in finding the HTTP response codes and full URLs of broken links published in the Console log (Found in: ‘Chrome > Tools > Javascript Console’ or Ctrl+Shift+J). 


This extension is an xPath plugin to auto generate unique #xpath, cssSelector, and all possible selectors. It also helps to write and verify xPath, ccsSelector, Playwright selectors, jQuery, and JS Path.

The video tutorial for using Selectorhub


This extension helps the users to do Cross Browser Testing with the robust cloud infrastructure.  This extension helps in reducing the testing time and thus increasing productivity. 

There are across 2000+ browsers available for testing. Thus no need to select the real-time browsers every time for testing. The other important features provided by the LamdaTest extension are Generate Screenshots, Schedule Screenshots, and Geolocation Tests.


This extension is an open-source automated tool that helps in improving the quality and performance of web applications.

You can give Lighthouse a URL to audit. After running a series of audits against the page, it generates a report on how well the page performs.

Moreover, by using the failing audit report as an indicator, you can improve the page. Each audit has a reference document explaining how to fix it.

Page Ruler     

This extension lets the user measure the distances on the web page in pixels. Thus, it helps in UI testing.

While moving the mouse on the page, it will draw a rectangular ruler. This ruler has height, width, start, and end-labeled with corresponding metrics in pixels. While moving the mouse, the values on the rectangle are updated. To activate this extension, press the toolbar button once and to disable it, press the toolbar button again.

Page load time

This extension measures the page load time of each page and displays it in the toolbar. Thus, it helps in finding the loading time of different pages.

The choice of extensions should be based on your testing needs. The above listed are some of the most recommended extensions for testers. Along with these, there are many other extensions available in the market which are recommended by several testers and allow QA operations to perform faster, smoother and easier. 

Please note: All these extensions listed below are free, but some have paid features also, which you can use as per your need.

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