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Excerpts from the conversation with Liju Pillai, CEO – Perfomatix for Tech Talks @ Perfomatix.

Tech Talk with Perfomatix, Ep 1 : The Rise of Web Apps

Even with new devices and platforms emerging every day, web browsers remain a top touchpoint between businesses and customers. There’s a high demand from the market and consumers to meet the growing unique user requirements.  Web Apps have to satisfy security, ease-of-use, stability, and offline functionality criteria. The web app landscape has evolved tremendously over the years, with AJAX’s introduction and the shift from server-side web apps to Single Page Applications for a mobile-like experience. The browser technology and internet usage accelerated the growth of web apps.

Progressive Web Apps created an opportunity to deliver an experience truly catered to Mobile, and to a much wider audience than a native app could. PWAs opened up features restricted initially to apps, such as web push notifications and offline mode. Businesses started using B2B applications to connect with other companies, clients, or employees within the company.  B2C portal development strategy and approach incorporate all the necessary attributes. The significant change happened in the Web app landscape when the web started mimicking Mobile. With the rise in user demands for better speed and faster load time, the web started delivering mobile-like features. This has enabled the introduction of new features in both B2B and B2C web apps. The development approach for B2B and B2C web apps is different where page speed and user experience take the front seat in B2C, focusing on increasing revenue generation. For B2B internal applications, the focus shifts to maintainability and usability in the shorter run. 

The Line of Business web apps is gaining popularity in enterprise applications. It becomes harder for large organizations to manage the internal operations over spreadsheets, and an enterprise-grade internal B2B application can easily automate this. With the help of OCR technology, document processing becomes easier. Organizations can decide by analyzing their requirements over a Build vs. Buy model. If you can find and implement an existing product, then that’s well and good. But, most organizations might have specific processes that have to be automated, here you could build a custom solution. Build decisions might get deprioritized since most organizations lack an in-house IT team. When hiring a team to develop a bespoke web app for you, the development approach and the right set of tools have to be prioritized. Different development approaches like No-code, or Low-code development approaches can speed up the development process while cutting costs significantly.

The developer experience has also significantly improved through the years, with JavaScript taking the lead in the tool kit for web app development. TypeScript by Microsoft is also promising in this area, while the clear winners in the front-end are Angular (framework), React (library), and Vuejs (a combination of both). The choice between these mostly depends on the demands and features required for the application. Jenkins, Protractor, and CI/CD processes are leading in the DevOps & Testing part of web app development. In the backend, JavaScript, TypeScript, Php, Ruby on Rails, and JavaSpring are much preferred for enterprise-grade applications. There are many tools available for someone to figure out while venturing into getting a custom web app developed -it could be a daunting task. The choices are overwhelming, and finding the right talent might be the biggest challenge. While reaching out to a development team, the development approach, budget constraints, and the integration into existing systems can make the whole process challenging. But, this space is highly under-utilized, and it can prove beneficial in the long run. 

Timelines might vary for developing the applications, but the low-code proprietary platform by Perfomatix has helped us create custom solutions in a short amount of time. For example, a document processing project for a large logistics client with features like reading different types of invoices using OCR and the data had to be integrated into various databases. Such a complex project like this, Team Perfomatix, could execute it in 8-10 weeks. The process gets much more manageable by understanding the right roadmap, requirements, and picking the right tools to build the product that fits the customer demands.

The future of the web looks optimistic, with new technologies and features emerging. One of the most exciting features is the emergence of web assembly, which is in the nascent stage. The PWA approach is still evolving, and the tooling for web app development has to be consolidated. The browser standards and APIs need to get standardized for better developer experience. Full-stack edge computing in a serverless approach and by adding the distributed databases in this web development landscape will be revolutionized. Solutions like CockroachDB are working towards this space. This can shift the entire full-stack applications that can be distributed and available through your end-user on edge. Full-stack edge computing can significantly impact making a dramatic change in the web app development process.

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