Roger Gordon

President, Food Cowboy LLC

They built our entire system — mobile and web — from the ground up. They were very detail-oriented and pretty rigorous about the requirements (they really put us through our paces). Their turnaround time was good, and even though they are in Kerala and we are on the East Coast of the US, we never got the sense that there was a built-in delay.

Also, we didn’t get the sense we were dealing with engineers, if you know what I mean. Too many times we have worked with folks who were so literal-minded and so unintuitive that it was tough to get any momentum going. We got the sense pretty early on that the team at Perfomatix knew what our business was and what we were trying to do. (You could tell from the questions they came back with). We also appreciated that they were excited about our mission. All in all, it was a very good experience, and I would certainly work with them again.

Zach Goldstein

Founder, Voyager

Voyager is a Nashville based retail-tech startup that is building self-service ordering kiosks for the convenience store industry. Early on we faced some challenges when trying to build our software technology while working on a bootstrapped budget. Our team is very small, and we were not in the position to hire someone else full time. That natural solution was to seek out experienced contractors who could help us finish our MVP. I discovered Perfomatix through a referral from a friend who connected me with Liju. I had a call with him, and after 10 minutes I realized that his team was exactly what we were looking for. After working with his team for several weeks, I could not be more pleased with the work we have received. I’ve worked with a number of remote dev teams from all over the world, and Liju’s team was by far the best. Communication was very clear and direct–a trait that is not often common when working with teams on the other side of the world. Their work was top notch and met the high level of expectations we hold to our own. As an early-stage start-up, cash flow is very volatile, and Perfomatix has been flexible with us on invoice dates which have been extremely helpful. Because of this, I have and will continue to recommend Perfomatix to anyone looking for out-sourced development work.

Robbie Hillis

Founder & CEO, Ark Labs

We’ve been working now with Perfomatix for about nine or ten months. They have been helping us develop and deploy our system – the Internet of things device. We also engaged Perfomatix to help us develop our mobile presence and to deploy that presence to the iTunes store and the Google Play Store and the Machine Learning and Analytics portion of our offering in our solution.

This partnership has been fantastic, and I say partnership because it’s more than just a vendor client relationship. It’s where we truly now are at the point where we’re considered family if you will because that’s what happens when you work closely with the employees of Perfomatix.

It’s been great in that sense. When one of them is sick, I’m checking on, I’m seeing how they’re doing, or they feel if it’s okay and do it all right. That’s just part of it, but the expertise and knowledge they bring to the table have been phenomenal. It helped us accelerate and go fast to the market. We started this down this path, and ten months later we’re launching a production-ready product. We could not have done it at all without the team of Perfomatix.