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Test Automation in Product Development: Best Practices

Software test automation tools are gaining a stronghold in the quality assurance industry.

Automation testing becoming an essential part of our software testing life cycle (STLC) and enterprise application development.  

Why is Software Testing Crucial?

Let’s understand the impact of efficient testing for different stakeholders of an enterprise-grade application development.

  • Business owners expect to introduce a high-level product that can assure longevity.
  • Application development teams need to confirm that the software is bug-free, and it should be evident that every module that they release is working perfectly fine.
  • Quality Assurance and Software Testing teams need to implement automation to help them improve their test coverage, find bugs faster and more efficiently while verifying the build stability.

These stakeholders in product development want the software to be thoroughly tested, but they often fail to understand the added value to the product by using testing automation.

Best Practices in Software Testing Automation

1. Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Phase

While preparing the software requirement specification document, the scope of activities can include test automation opportunities.

Here, one more document can be prepared for internal purposes to list down the various test scenarios for automation testing in the product development cycle. 

2. Checking for Bugs

As per the user’s requirements and the demand for project, make sure the product development phase has rigorous bug checks.

Take a collaborative approach by connecting dedicated software testing, QA, and test automation teams to work together.

3. Automation for Cross-Platform Testing

Various test automation tools support headless testing. Headless testing avoids graphical user interface while performing web testing across various browsers and platforms.

4. Automation for Nightly Builds

In the past nightly builds were popularly used to track the bugs in software. But, modern testing strategies help you introduce bug tracking tools in your test automation phase.

You can also opt for test automation tools that work best for your project, whether it is Protractor, Selenium, JMeter, BugZilla, Appium, or Jasmine.

6. Usability Testing and more

Test automation is not limited to usability testing, but it also includes user interface (UI) testing, database testing, regression testing, and among others.

7. Automated End-to-End Testing

We have seen a high demand for end-to-end testing by many B2B companies now.

And, automating end-to-end testing ensures that the application functions appropriately and accurately according to the real user scenario.

3 Best Test Automation Strategies 

Having a planned strategy for testing automation can improve the efficiency of product development.

QA costs can be considerably lowered using testing automation while getting more accelerated testing results. 

Automation Tests Maintenance and Monitoring

Reporting is a crucial factor in test automation, but reporting via test automation tools can be quite useful. It is crucial to verify the execution logs and reports.

Defects are logged into the bug tracking tools along with the screenshots. So, after this, we need to enhance our test cases and test automation frameworks in this phase.

Automation Architecture and Framework Creation

Scripting knowledge is essential to automate any application testing, but working on selecting the appropriate automation framework becomes mandatory.

A well-designed automation architecture and integration with the various third-party tools for CI, CD, helps us to execute automation testing. Reusable components and methods are ideal for this.

Automation Test Case Creation and Execution

Once we have decided on the test automation framework, we can start by creating actual automation test cases.

Also, priorities can be set to check on the important test cases compared to other test cases based on project complexities.

Once test cases are developed, they are taken up for execution on various browsers and platforms to check its stability.

To Sum up, these are the top benefits of Test Automation

  • Lower operating costs.
  • Reusability of automated tests.
  • Faster feedback.
  • Reduced business expenses.
  • Testing efficiency improvement.
  • Accelerated results.
  • Higher overall Test coverage.
  • More immediate detection of defects.

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