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Perfomatix is a top software testing company with expertise in both Manual and Automation testing.

Cypress – A Game changer in Test Automation | Software Testing Company

Test Automation is the way to strengthen the Quality Assurance process. Development tools are evolving, so has been testing tools. We all know the big changes made by Selenium in test automation -now time has c...

Learn how to to do automation testing with Fluent automation. Start reading this blog from the best software testing company named Perfomatix.
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Why fluent automation for testing your web applications?

Let us explore today’s varied choices we have for Automated Browser Testing. There are headless WebKit browsers like PhantomJS and cloud-powered multi-browser testing tools like BrowserStack and SauceLabs...

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How to do mobile app automation testing using MonkeyTalk tool?

MonkeyTalk MonkeyTalk is an open source mobile app automation testing tool for Android and iOS. MonkeyTalk is a simple-to-use tool which automates real, functional interactive tests for iOS, Android, Web/HTML5,...