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Offshore Software Development: cost vs. quality

There is one question that every business ponders about before signing an offshore software development company. Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Most importantly, does the cost justify the quality? After al...

How to manage a remote software development project with remote software developers
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How to manage a remote software development project with remote software developers?

Offshore software development requires working with a remote team or even multiple remote teams. Each remote team could be working on a dedicated project or assigned to multiple projects based on their availabi...

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7 best practices to get the most out of offshore development

The Internet might have made the internet a smaller place. However, IT development costs are still higher in certain parts of the world while they are consistently lower in specific regions, especially Asia Pac...

How An Agile Process Can Augment Offshore Development Efficacy
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How Agile Process Augments Offshore Development Efficacy

How would you move a Mountain? One plausible way is to move one rock at a time. Tackling one smaller goal at a time efficiently can eventually lead to the achievement of the bigger goal. To borrow an analogy fr...

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Governments in many countries are taking stringent actions to contain global COVID-19 pandemic. Strong measures, such as putting in place a lockdown on most activities, have shown promise in controlling the cor...

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Why do you need a remote development team?

Hiring a remote development team is not just about the cost savings it can offer. More organizations are ready to hire remote developers to gather a larger resource pool, gain a competitive edge in businesses b...

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5 things to consider before hiring a remote dedicated development team | Offshore Software Development Company

Remote development teams are basically outsourced innovation labs nowadays, that work as a technology service provider. Most companies are currently looking for technology partners who can elevate them and add ...

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