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How Mobile App development has changed in the recent years
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How Mobile App development has changed in the recent years

In 1997, Nokia developed a basic version of the arcade game “Snake” and gave it a free offering and its mobile apps. This is popularly regarded as the first mobile app ever built.  Then, in 2008, Steve Jobs int...

How to Design a User Friendly Mobile App Experience
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Guidelines to Design a User Friendly Mobile App

As we all know, mobile devices and the number of users who rely on mobile applications daily are constantly increasing. By the end of 2021, there will be roughly more than 7 billion mobile users worldwide (sour...

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Chatbots Vs. Mobile Apps – Who is winning the race?

Siri. Cortana. Bixby. Facebook Bot. And endless others. Chatbots, turbo-charged with Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become commonplace in every facet of our lives. A Chatbot is the most common avatar in whi...

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