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How An Agile Process Can Augment Offshore Development Efficacy
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How Agile Process Augments Offshore Development Efficacy

How would you move a Mountain? One plausible way is to move one rock at a time. Tackling one smaller goal at a time efficiently can eventually lead to the achievement of the bigger goal. To borrow an analogy fr...

10 Frameworks that are topping the charts for Hybrid Mobile App development
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10 Frameworks that are topping the charts for Hybrid Mobile App development

Developing a mobile used to be a tedious process. There was the need to hire and manage separate teams of app developers for Android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms. Also, the entire workflow of mobile appli...

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How to set up a “Trending” tab in your Video Sharing App? | App Development Company

Whether it’s Youtube, Reels, or TikTok, most video sharing applications have a tab that lists their trending videos. How do you find the most “happening” and “engaging” one in a video sharing platform? Five hun...

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Why Agile works for IT? | Product Engineering Services

Most organizations are trying to adopt Agile in their daily functioning, for different objectives – it could be to develop products and services, or to gain operational efficiency. The Agile manifesto was...

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Angular App Development React

Angular JS or React JS: Which should be the choice for your web application? | App Development Company

Today the biggest change to have happened in the area of software development is the transformation of application development from an on-premises ecosystem to a globally dispersed rich internet powered web app...

featured image for perfomatix blog - Android Code Analysis Tools To Achieve High-Quality Code
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Android Code Analysis Tools: To Achieve High-Quality Android Code

Android app developers use tools that parse and analyze your source code without actually executing it. The goal is to find potential vulnerabilities such as bugs and security flaws and ensure conformance to c...

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How to call a REST API using Parse Cloud function? | App Development Company

REST API Representational State Transfer (REST) is is an architectural style used for web development. It relies on a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications protocol. Perfomatix is an app developmen...

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