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Step into the intelligent future with Machine Learning Applications

MLib is Spark’s Machine Learning (ML) library. The aim of the platform is to make practical machine learning scalable and easy. At higher levels, it provides tools such as ML Algorithms, Featurization ( feature extraction, transformation, etc.), Pipelines, Persistence (saving and load algorithms), and Utilities ( linear algebra, statistics, data handling, etc.) Every single piece of digital tool that we use today is directly or indirectly influenced by Artificial Intelligence. As a modern-day business, you have to stay abreast with the developments in cognitive computing that includes Artificial Intelligence and its various subsets of Automated Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and so on. As a tech partner, Perfomatix will help businesses by Machine Learning Services to take intelligent decisions.

Years of Experience in Machine Learning


Years of Experience in Machine Learning
ML and AI Projects Completed


ML and AI Projects Completed
Open Source ML Projects Done


Open Source ML Projects Done
Clients Around the Globe


Clients Around the Globe
Team of Data scientists to Developers


Team of Data scientists to Developers

Make the most of your data by applying Machine Learning for business decision making.

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Amplify business intelligence with Machine Learning Applications

  • 001-chat


    Hasten responses to customer queries with chatbots that are infused with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis and several other aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

  • 002-face-recognition

    Optical Character Recognition

    Reduce manual errors, automate routine processes and digitize physical records with Machine Learning. ML imparts systems with computer vision that can convert characters/images into electronic text or medium.

  • 003-search

    Anomaly Detection

    Business processes could have some outliers that exhibit characteristics of risk or fraud. Machine Learning powered anomaly detections & predictive analytics will help businesses to detect them proactively, and use them to your advantage.

  • 004-tag

    Image Tagging

    Train systems to become intelligent at identifying and tagging objects, people or signages based on meta tags.

  • 005-web-programming

    Adaptive Websites

    Take personalization to a level deeper with adaptive websites that learn from user’s previous browsing behavior and serve content accordingly.

  • Group-741

    Virtual Personal Assistants

    We bring the intelligence of Machine Learning to everyday life with apps for Apple Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo, and several other virtual personal assistants.


How we apply machine learning to business processes

  • Predictive Analysis

    Don’t wait for incidents to surprise you. We use the combined power of algorithms and statistical analysis to predict the possibility of outcomes based on which corrective action can be taken.

  • Text Mining

    “I can read my customer’s mind.” said no business ever. But, with text mining aided by Machine Learning you can get closer to that possibility of what your customer conversations mean and the sentiments that drive them.

  • Fraud Protection

    Your business deals with millions of bytes of data on a regular basis. Handpicking patterns that have a fraud profile or that exhibit risks is a job easily done with the data analytics functionalities of Machine Learning.

  • Spam Detection

    Deploy rule based techniques and custom machine learning algorithms and neural networks to spot spam and phishing messages that could infiltrating your email systems and databases. 

  • Product Recommendations

    Increase the average order value and conversions with intelligent product recommendations for eCommerce stores based on customer preferences and shopping behavior. 

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