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Significance of integration platforms in Industry 4.0 | Product Engineering Services

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is about connectivity and integrating technology in to our communities and industries. Emerging technologies are aimed at digitizing industries — cloud computing, 5G, IoT are aimed at achieving this. Other front runners are RPA, Machine Learning, Aritificial Intelligence and Robotics. 4IR or Industry 4.0 is about reinventing technology for humanity’s sake. At Perfomatix, our dedicated team of technical experts offer full-stack digital expertise to organizations from various industrial domains through our product engineering services and deliver the perfect solutions to enrich their streamlined business processes.

How Integration Platforms can aid Industry 4.0

In this age of disruptive technologies, the main aim of it is to create a level playing field for businesses with innovative and agile business models. Whether it is an enterprise and small business, constant innovation and integration of the business processes has become evident.

Platforms With No-Code/ Low-Code Capabilities

The long office hours of writing complex lines of code into IDEs are becoming irrelevant with a huge shift towards Low-Code/No-Code Development this year. The rise in Low Code Development has made the drag-and-drop approach the norm. This approach follows the Lego methodology of development eliminating the need for manually writing code. All it takes to code with this approach, is the understanding of business logic and a few pre-built features embedded into low code platforms and any business user can come up with working snippets within a much shorter time than earlier.

The Forrester named Microsoft Powerapps a leader in low code development platforms and other major players include DWKit, Appian and OutSystems. Microsoft Powerapps is a low-code development platform that can address the full spectrum of enterprise use cases for mobile, web, and core systems. OutSystems is another major low-code development. The Forrester prediction that the low code development market will be making over $10 billion worth of revenue in 2019 is an indicator of its impact. The minimized learning curve, low-to-no resource constraints and lesser time-to-market offer Low Code Development a permanent place in the top trends of 2019.

API-Based Ecosystems are the need of the hour

With the choices and capabilities that the integration platform offers, there is no denying that APIs can help these integrations. Also, there are challenges of modernizing the legacy systems to co-exist with Cloud infrastructure.

APIs act as an intermediary between on-premise and cloud, so all the other applications remain neutral to the platform they are installed on and maintain access to the data and other services as they move to the cloud.

Integration Platforms and APIs work hand in hand to help businesses integrate applications and manage data with faster deployment and higher efficiency.

Summing up

Optimizing businesses using the emerging technologies helps them gain competitive edge and attain productivity. It saves the organization time, money, and needless to say, the errors generating from the complex coding. These platforms can drive the revolution by speeding up the productivity to many folds.

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Fast Forward Innovation with Perfomatix.

Talk to our experts now and let us be your innovation partner!

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