Bespoke IT solutions for the ever-changing retail landscape

Efficiency is the key in the retail industry, an efficient retail space generates more revenue and better customer satisfaction. The different aspects of the retail sector like inventory management, customer interaction, and store management often become tedious tasks to handle. 

IT-driven retail solutions positively impact the industry to gain more insights about the consumption patterns and helps the stores to deliver focused attention to specific customer groups. E-commerce is a disruptive force in the industry, and consumers expect brands to have online stores for an easy shopping experience. 

Having an online store is not enough, these stores need to generate insights from the data they generate from customers and offer loyalty programs accordingly. Digital solutions like mobile and web applications, AI predictive solutions and AR-based promotion tools can significantly simplify the functioning of retail brands and malls.


Our Solutions for the Retail Industry

  • Augmented-promotions

    Augmented promotions

    Leverage the power of Augmented Reality to create immersive reality promotions that blend the best of both physical and digital worlds

  • Retail-Aggregator-Platforms

    Retail Aggregator Platforms

    Create single vendor or multi vendors marketplaces where vendors and customers can come together to transact online retail transactions.

  • loyality

    Loyalty Application

    Digitally transform businesses to align to the future of the trade finance industry, by leveraging blockchain, cloud, automation, and analytics.

  • AI-Predictive-Systems

    AI Predictive Systems

    Increase average order value with AI-based predictive systems that are closely related to customer’s recent shopping behavior and preferences.

  • mobile

    Mobile Commerce

    Maximize any retail store’s bottomline with mobile commerce applications that are capable of doing everything from taking orders, online payments and delivery management

  • navigation

    Mall Navigation Systems

    Drive more footfalls to mall stores with mall navigation systems that show customers the way forward to reach shops that sell specific products, offers or services.


Benefits of working with Perfomatix as a Technology Partner

  • Domain Expertise

    Perfomatix has in-house IT professionals who are domain experts in Retail verticals. Their knowledge and insights combined help us take better decisions and deliver greater value to our clients. We use most efficient tools to deliver solutions fast and accurate.

  • Tech-driven Solutions

    For every pressing business problem, technology has a scalable solution. This is our belief. Our tech-driven solutions will negate the risk and errors that analog processes create and create a culture of efficiency and innovation.

  • Regulatory Know-how

    Retail is an industry that operates at the global level. The rules and regulations change from country to country, our regulatory know-how helps us build IT solutions for our clients that fits well with the global regulatory requirements

  • Quick Scalability

    Going from zero to one is not a privilege that is reserved only for unicorns. Retail businesses can also scale up the volume and level of operation with the might of technology. Our expertise in cloud will help businesses scale seamlessly.

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How we deliver what we promise

  • data-transformation

    Data Transformation

  • Data-enablement

    Digital Enablement

  • Innovation-partnership-2

    Innovation Partnership


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