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Python is often described as a “batteries included” language due to its comprehensive standard library. Although Python started out as a scripting language to glue code together, it has grown to be one of the primary languages used by a lot of developers. Most of the popular microcontrollers are also utilizing Python. For example, there are even small versions like the MicroPython board (only a few square inches) and software packages.. From automobiles to coffee makers, almost every appliance that we use are getting connected to the internet. IoT gives businesses an advantage that has never been available in the past. From understanding customer movements better to putting preventive maintenance in place, IoT development gives businesses the ability to connect and control devices as well as predict their unexpected downtimes. Perfomatix could be the chosen partner for IoT development services that will help businesses connect, control and manage assets centrally.

Years of Experience in IoT


Years of Experience in IoT
Certified Experts in IoT Team


Certified Experts in IoT Team
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Projects Successfully Completed
Clients Around the Globe


Clients Around the Globe
On Going Projects related to IoT


On Going Projects related to IoT

Make use of IoT apps in businesses to leverage the power of a connected ecosystem.

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IoT solutions for all industries

  • Retail-image


    IoT can bolster the growth of retail businesses by adding new revenue channels, innovative marketing mechanisms, and connected supply chain systems. Beacons, smart checkouts, smart shelves are some worthy examples.

  • Health-Care


    Distance will no longer be a barrier between patients and healthcare providers. IoT-based patient wearables, that look and work similar to fitness wearables, can provide real time health updates and alerts for critical situations.

  • 002-bus


    Internet of Things will make it possible for vehicles on the road to connect to servers on the cloud. Enabling them to download real-time traffic updates, upload vehicle diagnostics and monitor driver behavior. Cloud enabled IoT  transforms vehicles into smart automobiles.

  • 001-smart-home

    Smart Homes

    From perimeter security to indoor lighting – smart homes enabled with IoT applications will lead to a better lifestyle. Smart homes will also facilitate energy conservation and prevent damage due to human errors.

  • Smart-watch


    Smart watches and other wearables do more than just telling time. IoT enabled wearables can monitor real-time health stats, take calls on the go, control other connected devices with endless future applications. 

  • Group-750


    Automated manufacturing can turn, heavy-duty manufacturing assembly lines and machinery into smart devices. This can update real-time data to cloud servers, with beacons and sensors, that are powered by penny-sized batteries.


Different ways businesses can leverage IoT technology

  • Smart Automation

    IoT applications save time & resources by automating tasks for businesses and homes. From manufacturing assembly lines to home interiors, the possibilities are limitless for IoT to automate and simplify our daily lives.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    IoT churns out a steady stream of real-time data. This data can give businesses insights to spot perfomance issues in machinery to avoid danger of abrupt breakdown or the ones that need preventive maintenance.

  • Centralized Control

    IoT can control an entire automated assembly line that is made up of connected devices. IoT devices make it possible to connect and control a group of connected devices from a single dashboard.

  • Smart Metering

    Improve customer experience, eliminate inefficiencies and boost bottom-line strength with IoT-powered metering systems for energy consumption, water usage, fuel consumption and much more.

  • Smart Surveillance

    Motion-sensor based lighting and surveillance systems trigger alarms when unusual activity is detected. From hospital corridors to factory floors, smart surveillance has industry-wide applications.

  • Data-driven Operations

    IoT devices produce massive amounts of data like temperature, movement, humidity, water levels, weight, volume, etc. on a real-time basis, which can be tapped into pick insights that can drive data-driven operations.

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