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We reduce the development time by up to 30%, using pre-built components and continuous integration

Dataramp AI Platform

Perfomatix Dataramp AI platform sets the stage for you to build an AI system that will help gain deep insights out of high-velocity and high-volume data without compromising on security, scalability and flexibility.


Perfomatix ATOM is a real-time customer engagement and conversion platform for web based businesses.


JewelAR, the world’s best virtual jewelry and e-catalogue solution, offers unparalleled marketing space for jewelry retailers. JewelAR offer real-time selection and trial of jewelry items with simple touch screen interface..


MobVR supports multiple VR platforms and devices and also supports mobile. MobVR is a mobility platform for rendering 3D content into VR devices.


M-CODE is Perfomatix’s proprietary mobile application development platform which helps to save as much as 40% time and effort in developing multi-platform mobile applications. M-CODE offers a wide range of reusable components which can be readily used in a mobile application project to speed up the development process.