Car trading startup

About the Client The project helps car owners to get quality service & value out of used car trade. It makes things simple and transparent for the user by providing the user with the most accurate trade/lease value for their used cars. It provides a single platform where a seller can post his car for sale or [...]

Insurance buying portal

About the Client A platform where users can get insurance as per their requirement. The platform serves as an insurance broker for individuals to provide a broad range of insurance coverage through several globally reputed insurance companies. The motto behind the project is to simplify the process and to create a plan that suits individual [...]

Food wastage management startup

About the Client The company promotes the highest use of wholesome unmarketable food and reduces hunger and waste by using technology, social media, and strategic investment to help bridge the logistics gap and economics hurdles that result in food waste.  It uses mobile technology to help food companies (throughout the supply chain) reduce their carbon [...]