Aircraft maintenance portal

About the Client The client is the MRO, technical services, design services and component services provider for Icelandair Group. They provide complete technical support for customers around the world with a world-class reputation for quality and safety. The motto behind this app is to maintain all the records which were completed and also the ongoing [...]

To-Do list app

About the Client A to-do web app where a user can create to-do lists which can be visualized as a horizontally growing list of shelves. It is a collaborative productivity tool which can be used to track your to-do list, organize your tasks, collaboratively work on task planning with your friends or colleagues, pin down [...]

UI modernization for legacy ERP

About the Client A platform to integrate existing ERP systems and acts as a wrapper around legacy systems. The technology is developed to provide the new functionalities to the without disturbing the existing system. About the Project To enable existing ERP consumers to utilize new functionalities without modifying the existing legacy ERP system. The client [...]

Food truck locator startup

About the Client The client is developing a technology which is used to find food trucks currently serving near the location. The purpose of developing the App is to help consumers in searching the food truck with all details so that they can buy their favorite foods using the mobile application. About the Project The [...]

Platform for hiring freelancers

About the Client The client is a media agency that connects talented freelancers and project owners. It provides unprecedented opportunities for freelancers to work with the best clients. The motto behind the project is to simplify the process of engaging the freelancer in complex creative product and also to assist them in the smooth and [...]

Mobile app for international asset protection organization

About the Client A  non-profit organization is a unique forum that unites global manufacturer, logistics provider, freight carrier, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from the international supply chain. The technology is developed for promoting worldwide security standard and to have a database of freight crime occurring against the [...]

Hospital maintenance solution

About the Client The client provides Smarter Solutions to hospitals and health systems across the western US and Canada. They specializes in services to the healthcare sector. They service, lease, and launder healthcare linens, reusable operating room textiles, uniforms and other textile products and provide related management and support services to healthcare customers. About the [...]