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Perfomatix named a leading Developer & Designer in India!

Trust and value

Our mission at Perfomatix Solutions has always been to cultivate trust and value for our clients as their full-stack technology partner, regardless of the business, industry, or service. Especially through our UI/UX, cloud consulting, and development skills, Perfomatix has consistently strived for nothing short of excellence in our product design and delivery.

We are excited to share that our work has paid off, as our team was recently named among the top software developers in India and virtual reality and augmented reality developers in India, and we are also a leader in a variety of categories such as UX design, cloud consulting, mobile app development, and web development. This recognition came from two Washington, D.C. firms that specialize in research, business insight, and reviews: Clutch and The Manifest.

Rankings like those that feature Perfomatix come from the collection and analysis of data of The Manifest and Clutch, which includes a host of information about companies’ market presence, experience, and client satisfaction. Perfomatix is honoured to have our client partnerships, final products, and project management style highlighted in such prominent listings and appreciates both the press recognition and the positive feedback that our team has received directly from our clients.

“Perfomatix is pretty dynamic and were able to go and think about it and come back in a day or so with a solution. They’re very responsive,” shared one client about the scope of our involvement and management processes. “They’re good at understanding what we don’t get. They came back with diagrams and documentation that we could understand. They were very patient with us.”

Another client spoke at length about the impact that Perfomatix has had on his company’s development: “Perfomatix is our development, troubleshooting, and support team for any type of issue we come across … Without Perfomatix, we wouldn’t have arrived anywhere close to where we are today. They’ve gone above and beyond every time we need help. We’ve gotten together and brainstormed, and the working relationship has been great. They’ve been quick to adapt and nimble, which we appreciate as a startup going in so many different directions. They’re proactive as well and will come to us with ideas to make the system better, stronger, and higher-functioning. Perfomatix is truly a part of our team.”

We are very pleased that our mission of trust and value for our clients has been so publicly recognized by not only our clients and partners but by external firms such as Clutch and The Manifest. We know and value customer service and work to actively engage them in all parts of the process.

To read full-length reviews of our service, view our Clutch profile. Don’t hesitate to connect if you have questions, feedback, or interest in collaborating in the future!

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