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IoT powered smart water metering and anomaly detection

About the Client The Ark Labs a Florence, Alabama start-up that is developing technology to combine artificial intelligence with smart devices and the internet of things to monitor and control residential and commercial water usage. The technology will help to boost water efficiency, reduce insurance claims due to water damage, and reduce demands on local [...]

Online tutoring system

Summary Aggregate Rating5 based on 1 votes Software Name Learning Management SystemOperating System WindowsSoftware Category Learning Management SystemsPrice USD 100000Landing Page https://www.perfomatix.com/portfolio/online-tutoring-platform/

UI modernization for legacy ERP

About the Client A platform to integrate existing ERP systems and acts as a wrapper around legacy systems. The technology is developed to provide the new functionalities to the without disturbing the existing system. About the Project To enable existing ERP consumers to utilize new functionalities without modifying the existing legacy ERP system. The client [...]

Artificial Intelligence powered event monitoring

About the Client The client has an application that unifies monitoring, event management, and machine learning to provide actionable IT Operations Analytics. The Application thus helps to manage complex IT environments. About the Project The Client wanted to build an underlying technology stack to support their IT Service Management application. Challenges faced Build a system [...]

Augmented Reality powered branding and promotions

About the Client The Singapore based media and entertainment company with the widest range of media platforms spanning digital, television, radio, print and out-of-home media. To engage, entertain and enrich audiences by harnessing the power of creativity is their mission. About the Project The scope of the project is to develop an Augmented Reality platform-based [...]

Mobile app for international asset protection organization

About the Client A  non-profit organization is a unique forum that unites global manufacturer, logistics provider, freight carrier, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from the international supply chain. The technology is developed for promoting worldwide security standard and to have a database of freight crime occurring against the [...]

Telemedicine and connected health solution

About the Client A connected health company headquartered in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is completely dedicated to improving the patient experience, finding new ways to connect patients with providers and delivering VIP medicine at scale. About the Project The client needed a complete telemedicine platform which could solve the following use cases: Single platform to [...]

Aircraft maintenance portal

About the Client The client is the MRO, technical services, design services and component services provider for Icelandair Group. They provide complete technical support for customers around the world with a world-class reputation for quality and safety. The motto behind this app is to maintain all the records which were completed and also the ongoing [...]

Inventory management platform for SIM cards

About the Client The client provides customized services to enable the deployment of global universal SIM technology connectivity and management. About the Project The client requirement is to develop a web-based platform for SIM order management and inventory management with the following features. User registration – Admin, Agent, Customer Customer Management – Agent can create, [...]

E-Commerce mobile app builder

About the Client The client has developed a platform over which an individual/trader can customise and make his own mobile app as per the client requirements. The motto behind the implementation of this technology is to simplify the app creation for selling of the products, as per the individual wish on the monthly subscription basis. [...]

IoT powered system for TV viewing insights

About the Client The client has developed a product which is a thumb-sized device that incorporates WiFi and CEC protocol to allow the user to track and control television use and power control. The device has cloud connectivity allowing data and commands to be accessed worldwide from any internet connection. The motto behind the project [...]

Hospital maintenance solution

About the Client The client provides Smarter Solutions to hospitals and health systems across the western US and Canada. They specializes in services to the healthcare sector. They service, lease, and launder healthcare linens, reusable operating room textiles, uniforms and other textile products and provide related management and support services to healthcare customers. About the [...]

Mobile ordering for convenience stores

About the Client A complete solution for convenience stores in Gas stations. The technology is developed to help the customers who can order their everyday items directly from the kiosks in the gas station and pay by swiping their card and also helps the gas station to improve their revenue from the convenience store. The [...]

Digital wealth management platform

About the Client An automated platform to simplify the investing needs of people. It eliminates unnecessary complexity and lack of transparency from investing. It helps to diversify the portfolio to over more than 10,000 different investments. About the Project The project is to develop a mobile app for smartly which could solve the following use [...]

Mobile crossword puzzle game

About the Client The app was developed to keep the brain active with lots of fun for game lover. WordQ puzzles, the jumbled crossword teaser, is a word game and brainteaser all in one which challenges your brain and gives you hours of fun. The game demands the user to rearrange the Scrabble-like letter tiles [...]

Car trading startup

About the Client The project helps car owners to get quality service & value out of used car trade. It makes things simple and transparent for the user by providing the user with the most accurate trade/lease value for their used cars. It provides a single platform where a seller can post his car for sale or [...]

Student management and monitoring

About the Client The platform allows the teachers to interact with the students in the classroom. The main aim of developing this technology is to record & monitor each activity of the student by the teacher and the parents. About the Project The student management and monitoring app for the school, teacher and parents needed [...]

Insurance buying portal

About the Client A platform where users can get insurance as per their requirement. The platform serves as an insurance broker for individuals to provide a broad range of insurance coverage through several globally reputed insurance companies. The motto behind the project is to simplify the process and to create a plan that suits individual [...]

Reviews and rating portal for places and services

About the Client The client is developing a platform where an individual, group or community can share review as per their experience. The main aim to implement this technology is to ease the search for reviewed and recommended places or services so that an individual gets a brief idea before visiting the place since it [...]

Arduino powered STEM game for school girls

About the Client An award-winning social enterprise working across the UK & Ireland and beyond to inspire and support young women into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers (known collectively as a STEM); by showing them the amazing women already in STEM via a series of panel events, hackathons, exhibitions, and mentoring schemes. The technology [...]

Community well being solution

About the Client RedPepper (Blue Zones) is developing a project which will improve the wellbeing of the community and allow people to make a healthy choice. The primary goal behind RedPepper (Blue Zones) is to change the way people experience the world around them through impacting the environment, policy, and social networks. As a result, [...]

Business listings and locator platform

About the Client The platform helps to find the nearby business. It is the fastest and easiest way to search for businesses near the user with all the necessary details like reviews and ratings. About the Project The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases: Locate nearby business category wise [...]

Mobile app for directory listing service

About the Client Singapore’s leading Industrial, Commercial, and Consumer directory help to search for Products, Brands, Company Information, Telephone number and Faxes and also contributes to finding manufacturers and suppliers faster and easier. The main aim of developing this technology is to get the full details of the services in a very hassle-free manner. About [...]

Food truck locator startup

About the Client The client is developing a technology which is used to find food trucks currently serving near the location. The purpose of developing the App is to help consumers in searching the food truck with all details so that they can buy their favorite foods using the mobile application. About the Project The [...]

Remote rehabilitation and patient management system

About the Client An innovative health tech company which provide the solutions to practitioner or doctors to reach more patients and reduce the operating cost. The client is developing a software platform which can be used by physiotherapist and patients for remote rehabilitation purpose. The aim of developing this platform is to make patient and [...]

Online doctor appointment booking system

About the Client A Singapore based registered firm who is developing a platform for patients which simplifies the process of booking an appointment with a doctor. Accessing health record and reports is a pain point for doctors and the patient after the appointment. The technology allows the patients and doctors to view the health records, [...]

Aggregator platform for professional services

About the Client An early-stage startup to help people tackle their to-­do lists every day (Home improvements, Events, Automobile, Health, Wellness and more) by delivering custom, job-specific quotes from qualified, interested and available professionals and hire the pro that’s right for them. A web-based application provides a marketplace where people can come to connect with local [...]

Real-time analytics customer interaction for websites

About the Client ATOM is a customer engagement and conversion platform which helps e-commerce and other web based businesses to improve customer connect and to provide a personalized customer experience. ATOM is a complete e-commerce website and a complete cloud based solution which provided a personalized customer experience. About the Project ATOM needed a complete [...]

Virtual trial room for jewellery retailers

About the Client JewelAR, the world’s best virtual jewelry and e-catalog solution, offers unparalleled marketing space for all jewelry retailers. JewelAR has enhanced the marketing strategy and sales for jewelry retailers. By allowing the real time selection of jewelry items through the app, this has taken the customer engagement to the next level. The technology [...]

Aggregator platform for Coddlers and Care seekers

About the Client A social enterprise, with the aim to support family caregivers and their elderly with home care support, while at the same time providing employment opportunities to single mothers with young children. The client aims to recruit younger Singaporeans as “Coddlers” who are able to provide elder care services to seniors who require [...]

Workforce management and on demand service system

About the Client A business software for retail services, accessible over the internet and helps transform the retail services business online – managing your employees, engaging your customers, and much more. About the Project The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases: View real-time geolocation updates of field staff Inbuilt CRM [...]

Sports management application

About the Client The web app would deliver a simple system focusing on sports that help in organizing team rosters and schedules. It also provides integration with referees and assigns them to games. About the Project The project is to develop a platform which can manage all the sports-related activities. The client needs a complete [...]

Loyalty system for food and beverages industry

About the Client A platform for managing restaurants, bars, and retail loyalty programs, tracking of revenue and staff performance. The technology is developed to analyze the consumer engagement by which the service can be improved. The motto behind this platform is to provide the benefits to the regular consumer of services, regarding rewards and loyalty [...]

Offline navigation for shopping malls

About the Client The app delivers an offline routing guide for shopping mall visitors and also notifies promotional offers to consumers from different stores for products. About the Project This project is to develop a floor navigation app for a shopping mall, which will be designed to deliver an offline routing guide for the visitors [...]

Platform for hiring freelancers

About the Client The client is a media agency that connects talented freelancers and project owners. It provides unprecedented opportunities for freelancers to work with the best clients. The motto behind the project is to simplify the process of engaging the freelancer in complex creative product and also to assist them in the smooth and [...]

Last minute deals aggregator startup

About the Client A platform that allows users to offer products and services at the last moment for any reason and consumers to buy those goods and services at a discount or premium (as the case may be). The purpose of the project is to target the last-minute business opportunities that remain unsold or are [...]

Social network for farmers

About the Client An online platform which supports farmers and keeps them up to date with all the general information about the agricultural world. The goal behind the app is to make sure that farmers will get all agricultural-related news, getting updated with all the policies of the government, get connected with fellow farmers of [...]

Social events listing platform

About the Client A US startup events listing app, and it is a great tool for finding and organizing events for people having an expansive social network. The app is developed in such a way that no event will be missed by anyone of the near and dear ones. It can display the list of [...]

Online image editing tool

About the Client A free online image editing tool which offers artists and bloggers options to create, craft, print images for your home, business and parties. About the Project The client requirement was to develop an online image editing application with the following features: Subscription-based options to purchase images, arts, templates etc Purchasing of artwork [...]

Workforce management platform

About the Client A business retail service software, which helps to transform the retail business services through an online platform. The motto behind the project is to make such an online platform where multiple business giants can manage their employee’s, engagement of the customer, maintaining and highlighting their services. About the Project The client needed [...]

Social betting app for NBA and NFL

About the Client A grid based board game for NFL, NBA and College Basketball games. The app allows users to add their images to the grid and winner is decided based on the scores at the end of each quarter or game. The technology is developed to make betting simple and also to add more [...]

Food wastage management startup

About the Client The company promotes the highest use of wholesome unmarketable food and reduces hunger and waste by using technology, social media, and strategic investment to help bridge the logistics gap and economics hurdles that result in food waste.  It uses mobile technology to help food companies (throughout the supply chain) reduce their carbon [...]

Social network for sports fans

About the Client The platform provides facility to know details about the current sports event. The motto behind developing this technology is to make such a sports community platform where the user can create an event and invite their friends to join and chat. About the Project The project is to develop a visually distinct [...]

Family event management platform

About the Client The client is developing a technology which will help families in organizing their activities. Families can use this platform for scheduling events, extended family and friends can subscribe to event feed via their app to stay updated. The main purpose of developing this technology is to synchronize the activities of the family [...]

Wedding planning platform

About the Client The client provides a platform where photographers can upload their best photographs as the nomination for the photography contest. The motto behind this work is to reward the best photographer and at the same time to have the best collection of photographs. About the Project The project is to develop a photography [...]

Aggregator platform for parcel delivery

About the Client The client provides a solution which enables users to send parcels via designated “Jifee Partners” who may own their vehicle or even deliver the parcel on foot if the delivery location is nearby. The technology is developed as a win-win solution where drivers can pay a nominal fee and buy credit to [...]

To-Do list app

About the Client A to-do web app where a user can create to-do lists which can be visualized as a horizontally growing list of shelves. It is a collaborative productivity tool which can be used to track your to-do list, organize your tasks, collaboratively work on task planning with your friends or colleagues, pin down [...]

Web portal for Trivandrum International stadium

About the Client The Sports Hub, Trivandrum is the new benchmark in the landscape of sports infrastructure in India. Built over 37 acres, it is a completely integrated sports and leisure complex, the first of its kind in India. Ambitiously envisioned, meticulously planned and executed, it is all set to become a landmark on the [...]