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Our clients said they are happy, on Clutch

In the modern digital world, strong online presence has become the mandatory criteria for credibility and brand image. At Perfomatix, we have always given prime importance to building a good online presence through social media, content marketing and also by maintaining profiles in all leading business networking websites. Recently we found Clutch — a ratings and reviews site based in Washington, D.C. that focuses on creating productive business relationships. We found Clutch to be very popular among clients looking for technology companies and we created a profile. The Clutch team had been very helpful in getting our profile completed in Clutch and also getting client references and reviews. Now we have multiple client reviews on our clutch profile and we can now point potential clients to our Clutch profile to see what clients have to say about our work. Reviews are completed in brief phone calls that are turned into online reviews in a case study format. Clutch works to be an unbiased, third-party source of reviews to help clients make informed decisions about who they hire for their business projects.

At Perfomatix, we are proud to have been featured alongside great technology firms from all over the world. Clutch is currently building their database of development companies and is working to add client reviews of top development companies every day. Our clientele had a lot of great things to say about our work.

One of our clients commented, “Without Perfomatix, we wouldn’t have arrived anywhere close to where we are today. They’ve gone above, and beyond every time we needed help. We’ve gotten together and brainstormed, and the working relationship has been great.”

He continued to praise our commitment and energy, “They’ve been quick to adapt and nimble, which we appreciate as a startup going in so many different directions. They’re proactive as well and will come to us with ideas to make the system better, stronger, and higher-functioning. Perfomatix is truly a part of our team.”

He also exalted our tireless energy and drive: “They have an incredible work ethic that’s almost as crazy as mine, which says a lot. Perfomatix always completes the tasks I gave them . . . They took on ownership (figuratively more than literally) in our company and have a deep interest in our success.”

One of our clients, who is a retail startup founder based in Singapore noted our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients outside of our assigned services: “Perfomatix tried to connect me with their other clients, which I really appreciate. They’ve worked on many projects and recently introduced me to some well-connected people, in terms of networking. We are making significant headway, and I’m grateful for it.”

We want to thank all our clients who have spoken about us on Clutch. We are excited to continue working with Clutch and to keep inspiring success stories for our clientele.

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