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Offshore Software Development: cost vs. quality

There is one question that every business ponders about before signing an offshore software development company.

Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Most importantly, does the cost justify the quality?

After all, it is work quality and craftsmanship that outranks cost as the driving factor of offshore software development. 

This blog tries to break down how the cost incurred for offshore software development justified the quality provided.

How offshore software development delivers quality

There is no doubt that offshore software development excels when it comes to quality deliverables. They have a structured way of planning and executing work. Also, they implement tighter quality control processes that ensure that quality is always top-notch. 

There are several other ways how offshore software development companies achieve quality in their deliverables.

1. They hire faster and better

Offshore software development teams have an agile recruitment process that enables them to upscale their resources in a swift manner. They are adept at increasing their talent pool through recruitment drives that are faster and focused on niche skills.

As a result, they always have talent at their disposal to be assigned for offshore software development projects. Also, they are capable of building teams with diverse resources and equipped with the latest technologies that can prove to be of immense benefit to clients. 

The vast pool of resources also helps the client to set up ambitious deadlines for projects that otherwise would take longer. Especially, if it is to be handled by an in-house team.

2. They specialize in technologies

Offshore software development companies choose specializations in which they grow expertise. Their abundant resources combined with specialization give a unique advantage. Most offshore development companies also specialize in industries and cater to specific demands of the industry. Their background knowledge in industry-specific business practices leads to higher efficiencies and quality output. 

Further, their expertise puts them in a vantage position to give recommendations that will either fast-track the project or improve its quality. Either way, it creates a win-win situation for the client.

3. They have dedicated quality control teams

One of the inhibitions that enterprises have about outsourcing their projects is the outcome or the quality of the product. Bugs are commonplace in every software product, whether it is built in-house or outsourced. While this is a fair concern, in offshore software development, quality is something that is almost certain and a given. In offshore software development, clients have the right to hold the development company accountable for bug-free software. 

Offshore software development companies employ a dedicated team of quality control experts who ensure that the code is bug-free and the final product is according to the client’s specifications. To ensure this, they use a wide range of testing methods like regression testing, automated testing, integration testing, sanity testing, smoke testing, etc. Further, the client can also insist on specific testing methods that are applicable to their industry or are relevant for statutory compliance.

4. They control costs diligently

Despite the best efforts to manage costs, budget overruns are an uncertainty that almost all offshore development projects stare at. There are several uncontrollable factors such as economical forces and governmental statutes (or even a raging pandemic) that can topple budget plans. Changes to project requirements mid-way can also lead to budget variances. 

Offshore software development companies plan proactively to avoid such budget overruns. They have dedicated project managers who plan, manage, and monitor costs and ensure that they are kept within control throughout the course of the project. They also present periodical reports that help internal and external stakeholders understand the progress of the project, the cost spent out of budget, and adequate budget availability for the unfinished part of the project.

Do these benefits justify the cost incurred?

To begin with, offshore software development does offer significant cost savings. 

  • It does not require hiring and maintaining a full-fledged in-house team
  • It does not require locking up working capital in IT equipment
  • Recruiting, managing, and maintaining payroll is totally their responsibility

Rest assured that quality does not suffer because of the cost involved in offshore software development. In fact, it delivers more value than what an organization can achieve if it develops a software project with in-house resources.

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