Software prototype development in under 100 days

Before a new product or application is launched, it is crucial to incorporate feedback from all stakeholders including customers, investors and other users. But most often, blueprint documents, wireframes or even designs might fall short in getting the right feedback.

Hence most businesses now build a testable prototype or a beta version of the new application which can be rolled out to users to test the core features. We specialize in building Minimum Viable Product (MVP) versions of new applications, in a quick and cost-effective manner using our pre-built components and proven best practices.

We focus on building scalable prototypes instead of throw-away prototypes. This means the prototype can be reused and scaled up to create the full-blown version of the application.

Years of Experience


Years of Experience
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Certified Developers
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Satisfied Customers
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Global Presence
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On Going Projects

Reach the market faster with a market-ready product prototype.

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How we build an MVP in 100 days

  • Requirement-gathering

    Requirement Engineering

    The first and most important step is to identify the scope of the MVP. We conduct extensive interviews with all stakeholders to define the high priority features which need to be rolled out to the users to get useful feedback.

  • poc-developement

    Rapid Wireframing

    Our UX team creates iterative wireframes of the user interfaces which are reviewed with all the stakeholders to ensure that the user journeys are mapped effectively. Once the wireframes are locked these are turned into high fidelity designs and clickable static prototypes which model the end to end workflow of the application.

  • Solution-architecture

    Solution Architecture

    The solution architecture needs to accommodate considerations to meet the envisioned product specifications. It needs to be concise and focused on delivering the key features scoped for the MVP. We ensure the solution architecture is scalable, while focusing on the usability and time to market of the MVP. 

  • Pilot-product-development

    AGILE Development

    Once the scope, wireframes and solution architecture are locked, we start the project development following AGILE best practices and user stories are allocated into sprints. We adopt Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to ensure there is iterative testing and customer feedback happening during the course of the MVP development project.

  • MVP-Deployment

     MVP Deployment

    Once all the sprints are completed and user acceptance testing is done, we help in setting up the hosting infrastructure on Cloud or On-Premise servers. We also plan the app store deployments for mobile apps. We make use of a number of tools to make the deployment process smooth and error free.

  • MVP-Support

    MVP Support

    Once the MVP is launched we sustain the development team to ensure there is support for bug fixes or enhancements based on customer feedback. We extensively use Analytics tools to track and monitor user behaviour on the MVP application and make changes accordingly.


Benefits of choosing Perfomatix as your Technology Partner

  • IP Protection

    We take IP protection very seriously from day 1. We sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving project requirements. We use private code repositories and secure cloud storage for documents. Our contract covers IP protection clauses in detail and we take all possible steps to ensure our client’s IP is protected.

  • High-Velocity Development

    We adopt a High-Velocity AGILE Development process that is tailored for Innovation Projects. Our delivery process uses a combination of best practices, tools, and Agile principles. The basic objective is to create a transparent, iterative and high-velocity delivery model to accelerate product development.

  • Innovation Experience

    We own a proven track record of delivering 100+ new products for a range of organizations including startups, SMEs and Enterprises. The experience of being part of hundreds of projects from the ideation stage, to go-live is what sets us apart and makes us uniquely positioned to take up Innovation projects.

  • Comprehensive Expertise

    From ideation to design, development, testing, hosting, project management, and ongoing support – we have the expertise and in-house teams for Innovation Projects. This accelerates project velocity, since collaboration and project management becomes more effective.