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The fastest way to turn your blueprint into a scalable software product

All businesses need new products and solutions to drive innovation. But most businesses have tech teams that exist in silos or are specialized in their own restricted functions. Building a new product requires the unification of a number of specialists, ranging from Business Analysts, Technical Architects, UI/UX Designers, Front End Developers, Backend Developers, DevOps Engineers, QA Engineers, Project Manager, and so on.

At Perfomatix, we have all the talent you will need for product development under one roof. We also specialize in a High Velocity Agile Development Process which combines a set of best practices, tools and Agile principles to accelerate the development velocity of projects. Rest assured, your product development will happen in the shortest time span possible with the highest quality you can ask for.

Years of Experience


Years of Experience
Certified Developers


Certified Developers
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Satisfied Clients
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Locations Worldwide
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On Going Projects

Get your products faster with AGILE Product Development.

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How we build world-class products out of ideas

  • Product-Conceptualization

    Product Conceptualization

    The product development process begins with mapping a product concept that is complete with low-fidelity design, user personas and basic feature sets. Once the product concept is finalized we proceed to design its interface.

  • Design-Thinking

    Design Thinking

    A well-built product must solve problems with the aid of design. Perfomatix has UI/UX designers who apply design thinking to create product UI, workflows and interactions that will solve user problems.

  • Rapid-Prototyping

    Rapid Prototyping

    Our AGILE project management process combined with focused approach to product development helps create rapid prototypes that can be tested for further improvements.

  • Agile-Development

    AGILE Development

    We adopt AGILE development process to rapidly build, test and improve the product. We choose from SCRUM, Waterfall, Spiral model, Iterative model and other product development processes that best suits the product needs.

  • Continuous-upscaling

    Continuous Upscaling

    As your business grows, your product capabilities, user load capacity and integrations with third-party systems should also expand proportionately. Perfomatix takes a long-term focused approach wherein your product is designed for scalability right from its inception.

  • Ongoing-support

    Ongoing Support

    Perfomatix offers ongoing support after the launch which will ensure that your software products run flawlessly without any downtime issues. We have support engineers who will take care of all troubleshooting and maintenance to prevent downtimes.


Benefits of choosing Perfomatix as your Software Product Development

  • IP protection

    We take IP protection very seriously from day 1. We sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving project requirements. We use private code repositories and secure cloud storage for documents. Our contract covers IP protection clauses in detail and we take all possible steps to ensure our client’s IP is protected.

  • High-velocity development

    We adopt a High-Velocity AGILE Development process that is tailored for Innovation Projects. Our delivery process uses a combination of best practices, tools, and agile principles. The basic objective is to create a transparent, iterative and high-velocity delivery model to accelerate product development.

  • Innovation experience

    We own a proven track record of delivering 100+ new products for a range of organizations including startups, SMEs and Enterprises. The experience of being part of hundreds of projects from the ideation stage, to go-live is what sets us apart and makes us uniquely positioned to take up Innovation projects.

  • Comprehensive Expertise

    From ideation to design, development, testing, hosting, project management, and ongoing support – we have the expertise and in-house teams for Innovation Projects. This accelerates project velocity, since collaboration and project management becomes more effective.

Get your products faster with AGILE Software Product Development.

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