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4 Mobile app trends to watch in 2016

Mobile apps have definitely eased the way we live these days. There is an app for each and everything under the sky. The impact of the changing mobile app trends has revolutionized business and consumer lives during the past few years. Enterprises are turning to mobile apps to leverage better consumer interaction and engagement.

According to market research firm Gartner, demand for enterprise mobile apps is expected to grow at least five times faster than internal IT organization’s capacity to deliver them. Also, mobile stands third in top 10 technological priorities for CIOs in 2016 based on a survey conducted among 3000 CIOs by Gartner.

The following will be the top mobile app trends to watch out for in the year 2016.

User Experience

The year 2016 will see user experience to play a major role in engaging and retaining users. With modern frameworks like AngularJS, developers got a lot of ways to improve the user experience. If an app does not have the real user experience, users will abandon the app and will go to a different app with better user experience and engagement.
Businesses have to seriously look into this factor when developing a new app. Because it is not about your hard written lines of code, but it is all about how it appears and engages the user in the front end.

Cloud Powered

With the development of more and more apps to cater the user needs, it would be a big question over a period of time in managing the apps and data held by the apps. App vendors and businesses will be adopting cloud a lot in 2016 to manage the bandwidth and storage. This will free the customer’s phone from the clutter of handling data from various apps and also the necessity of taking backups.

Internet of Things (IoT) Will Be The Center of Attraction

IoT with an already projected market value of 1 trillion US dollars will take the center stage of events in 2016. With market penetration of IoT apps and wearable devices, IoT will be taking mobility to the next level in 2016. Companies like GE have already poured millions of dollars only into IoT. All these figures clearly show the value and importance of IoT. Mobility companies will be investing more and more in developing their expertise in IoT mobility.

Push Notifications and Mobile Videos

Push notifications and mobile videos will play a major role in marketing a brand and user engagement in 2016. Enterprises will be focusing more and more personalized user experience to retain their users and engaging them. Also sharing relevant content for the users will also be the key. According to the recent survey from IAB, almost 50 percent of people watch online video content from mobile daily. This gives a potential channel for business to promote their brand through their existing mobile.

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