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Lyra – All you Want to Know

Lyra is a Node JS-based library for implementing full-text search anywhere javascript could run. This includes the edge, serverless functions, servers and even browsers.

Lyra is a relatively new project that draws inspiration from elastic search and has managed to build itself a small community of passionate developers.

In this blog, we shall look at the various ways Lyra can improve our application search, and why you should consider it for your next project.

What Is Full Text Search

Full-text search is a technique used to search for words or phrases in large collections of text. This includes documents, web pages, or database records. Unlike traditional search techniques that match only keywords, full-text search matches against the entire text of the document, taking into account word proximity, synonyms, stemming, and other linguistic features.

So if the searched word is “tall” full-text search also looks for “talls”, “taller”, and “high”, etc and orders them according to least modified to most modified.

Why use Lyra

Lyra is built with the aim of being able to run on any platform that can run javascript. This also means the lyra is super lightweight.

It leverages an optimised prefix tree with a clever tweak to perform a search over millions of entities in milliseconds.

Lyra: Disrupting full-text search industry with JavaScript – Michele Riva | NodeConf EU 2022

It is built so that it can handle unpredictable traffic without slowing down the system and causing inconveniences to users.

Since Lyra can run anywhere it can be run on both the front and backend making it more flexible to meet product requirements.

This technology can also be used with huge amounts of data because of its optimised software architecture.

Lyra is also very straightforward to deploy to the cloud so you can get a lyra instance up and running super fast.

Superfast searches with Lyra

lyra can search through an enormous number of documents extremely fast on the edge.

This is possible as when connecting to a lyra server in the edge you are connecting to an edge server physically closer to you compared to services running on dedicated servers or other computational mediums. This by itself is the nature of Edge and by leveraging this Lyra searches have tested to be fast. 

In an edge network different query tasks are split over multiple nodes and similar queries are reused. Therefore running queries happen exponentially faster and more consistently over fluctuating traffic.


Lyra is an awesome tool that is extremely light, fast and scalable. It may be the tool you were looking for, for your next tech project or startup.

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