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Our future-proof IT solutions for the Logistics industry

The logistics industry is a moving target. Its volatile nature characterized by uncertain fuel prices, irregular sea routes, natural calamities, and perennial gridlocks makes it a tough domain to crack. 

With these challenges on one hand and heightening competition on the other, it is necessary for logistics players to reinvent themselves with the power of technology. Reinvention does not happen the right way without the support of a tech partner. 

Perfomatix is a leading business innovation and IT solutions provider. Our years-long experience in serving several industries, including logistics qualifies us to be the go-to resources for reinventing logistics businesses. 

We offer a growing range of logistics-focused IT solutions that will streamline everyday operations — right from supply chain management to last-mile delivery.


Our Solutions for the Logistics Industry

  • mobile-app


    From scanning barcodes on packages that are to be sold, to monitoring shipments on a real-time basis – we build mobile apps for every logistic operation.

  • cloud-developement-1


    Build cloud-based products or implement cloud architecture for logistics digital transformation to accelerate innovation in surface-bound logistics industry.

  • ai-1

    Artificial Intelligence

    Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate operations and facilitate data-driven decision-making across the supply chain.

  • iot-1


    Track on-the-ground vehicle movement, simplify inventory management or implement a real-time asset tracking system logistics operations.

  • Smart-Fleet-Management

    Smart Fleet Management

    Reduce fuel costs and maximize delivery rates with analytics-driven smart fleet management. Find the shortest routes, identify hubs for quicker distribution

  • supplychain

    Supply Chain Management

    Add some intelligence to the supply chain management. Predict peak hours, identify shorter routes and plan for peak seasons proactively with our IT solutions for logistics.

Benefits we deliver

Benefits of working with Perfomatix as a Technology Partner

  • Domain Expertise

    Perfomatix has in-house IT professionals who are domain experts in logistics & transportation verticals. Their knowledge and insights help us take better decisions adding greater value to our clients. Our team deliver solutions fast and accurate.

  • Tech Driven Solutions

    For every pressing business problem, technology has a scalable solution. This is the belief that drives Perfomatix. Our tech-driven solutions will negate the risk and errors that an analog processes create and create a culture of efficiency and innovation.

  • Regulatory Know-How

    Logistics is an industry that operates at a global level. The rules and regulations change from country to country, our regulatory know-how helps us build IT solutions for our clients that fit well with the global regulatory requirements.

  • Quick Scalability

    Going from zero to one is not a privilege that is reserved only for unicorns. The logistics businesses can also scale up the volume and level of operation with the might of technology. Our expertise in the cloud will help businesses scale seamlessly.

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How we deliver what we promise

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    Data Transformation

  • Data-enablement

    Digital Enablement

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    Innovation Partnership


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