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Nature of work in the IT sector has changed a lot over the recent years. Developers have moved from memorizing code to utilizing reusable code components or boilerplate code generation tools. Google or StackOverflow has taken over the role of mentors and not just being search engines spewing out relevant information.

Perfomatix is a product development firm that focuses on product engineering services and follows the high-velocity delivery model.

Application frameworks have taken up the job of easing up hours of otherwise mundane coding stuff. Let me share my posts on how to learn to code with inspiration or learn to do anything with inspiration, for that matter.

Yeah, that’s all fine, seems life is getting better. But what I have discovered in spite of these innovations in place is that we are using a lot of stuff that we learned in professional education and at times come face to face with them – be it Calculus or Algorithms. We often get stuck with them.

The majority of professional education institutions do teach lessons and theories, but they fail to educate students on why we need to use them. Lack of inspiration pulls back students from learning and innovation.

I was never taught about the day to day usage of Integration and Differentiation and was just told to mug it up to clear the exams. It was when I had to work on a requirement that demanded usage of Integration to solve the client requires that I realized this. If my professor had put me into a situation to solve a real-life problem with calculus or told me that these are the scenarios where this method comes into effect, I could have pursued it with more interest.

Again the same case with algorithms. One of my colleagues had to revive an algorithm that he had learned in the professional course and wondered why it was not mentioned earlier while studying it. Universities do differ in the way they educate students, but I feel that the people who educate should try their level best to inspire students on what is awaiting them in the professional world.

I’m not trying to bring in a debate on the quality of education of professional institutions but trying to remind that, inspiring students about the wonders of technology and letting them know about all those success stories can bring out better professionals. I’m thankful to all my Gurus who took their part in inspiring me to take up pursuing technology as my (never-ending) career goal.

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Perfomatix is a product development firm that focuses on product engineering services and follows the high-velocity delivery model. Would you like to know more about our product engineering services?

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