JMeter Testing Services


JMeter Testing Services

Apache JMeter is open source software, which is also a pure Java desktop application, designed to load test functional behavior and measure the performance of web sites. JMeter can be used for test plan building, load test running, and load test analysis. It has a GUI mode that allows for debugging and viewing results. We have a strong QA engineering team who are adept at various types of testing like unit testing, integration testing, smoke testing, sanity testing, regression testing, system testing and much more. We use both manual and automation testing to ensure that the applications launched by our clients are bug-free and work flawlessly, as they are expected to be. With our quality assurance services, you can dispel that risk of applications going awry in live environments.

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Years experience
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Certified experts
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Testing Platforms

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Our Suite of Software Testing Services

  • Functional-Testing

    Functional Testing

    We ensure application functions and end user requirements are on the same page. Our functional testing services will help ensure that the application functionalities are compliant with project specifications or end user requirements.

  • Test-Automation

    Test Automation

    Our test automation services will help keep your QA costs low while incrementally getting faster testing results. We can help you reuse automated tests to save time in identifying bugs.

  • Compatibility-Testing

    Compatibility Testing

    Your users use a plethora of hardware and software. Will your applications run on all of them? Our compatibility testing services will help answer that pressing question.

  • Perfomance-Testing

    Performance Testing

    Rely on our performance testing services, to figure out if your applications will perform with grace or crash – when workload is at its peak or when all its resources are stretched to its limit.

  • Security-Testing

    Security Testing

    Your organizational data and end user data must be insulated from all imaginable security vulnerablities. With security testing, we will help you conduct a complete sweep of vulnerabilities that need immediate elimination.

  • Quality-Control

    Quality Control

    From writing program logic to ensuring best practices in application delivery, our expertise in quality assurance will help to keep top notch quality in deliverables that will establish credibility for business application/logic.


A handful of benefits that makes us the best QA services provider

  • Well-equipped Infrastructure

    Perfomatix has a well-decked testing lab decked with mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Our infrastructure helps us run tests on all possible platforms to ensure maximum quality assurance.

  • Qualified QA Professionals

    QA team at Perfomatix is skilled with testing experience on Selenium, Appium, and more testing tools. Rest assured, you will not have to look anywhere else for testing services.

  • AGILE driven QA

    Our QA process is baked into every sprint. This helps us make rapid changes to the application to ensure its healthy functioning at every milestone. No last minute pivotal changes that can put your deployment in jeopardy.

  • Security centric Testing

    We place great emphasis on one aspect of application development that is usually underrated – security. Our rigorous testing ensures that applications are immune to threats from all corners.

  • Zero-bug Assurance

    The prime objective of any quality assurance service should be to ensure there are no bugs. We offer the zero-bug assurance which is our own way of assuring that your applications will work flawlessly.

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