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Learning Software development as a tool for effective teaching and accelerated learning

Education Technology or EdTech tools leverage the interactive aspect of technology to make learning interesting and proactive. Learning apps can improve learning engagement for the students. It also acts as an aid for teachers by supplementing their teaching activities.

Learning apps are not confined to classroom-based learning. Online learning platforms and their massively increasing user base shows the exponential growth of EdTech. From early childhood learning applications to teaching management systems in educational institutes and professional online certification courses – the EdTech industry has been revolutionized in the last few decades.

Perfomatix is a committed technology solutions provider in the Education sector. We offer learning apps development e-learning solutions and learning management systems that leverage the benefits of Cloud, Mobile, and Artificial Intelligence. We integrate immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in learning applications to elevate the learning experience beyond the realms of a classroom.


Our Learning App Solutions for the Education Industry

  • 001-Online-Courses

    Online Courses

    Web and mobile devices based learning platforms for courses and certifications. This makes it easier for professionals to upgrade their skills.

  • 002-Learning-Management-Systems

    Learning Management Systems

    Educational institutes and business entities are using LMS to document, track and deliver e-learning opportunities. LMS simplifies evaluation and feedback methodologies.

  • 003-AR-VR-in-EdTech

    AR & VR in EdTech

    Learning can become fun and interactive with the help of immersive technologies. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can bring the content to life by using these in learning applications

  • 004-Social-Emotional-Learning

    Social-Emotional Learning

    Education is only complete when a student gets to learn real-life skills. Emotion management and social interactions can be taught using mobile applications. Teachers will be able to track students’ performance in the app.

  • 005-Early-Childhood-Learning

    Early Childhood Learning

    Interactive learning apps are best for early childhood learners. They can teach the first lessons in sustainability, hygiene, and languages in a fun way. Children’s apps use games and other feedback to help the child learn easily.

  • 006-Tech-for-STEM-Learning

    Tech for STEM Learning

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics lessons can be understood better with EdTech tools. Using AR, VR and 3D visualization, STEM learning can be accelerated. A better understanding of STEM can impact the world positively.

Benefits we deliver

Benefits of working with Perfomatix as a Technology Partner

  • Resource Management

    In an organization, integrated e-learning platforms can help to improve employee engagement and skill development. Performance analysis can be easily done using these learning systems, simplifying the feedback and appraisal process.

  • Immersive Technologies

    Digitizing the texts to a video and audio format alone need not be a productive learning tool. To grab one’s attention, the applications of immersive tech can be utilized. AR, VR, and 3D visualization have great possibilities in e-learning.

  • Data Management and Analysis

    Data in the education sector can be utilized and analyzed to get insights into the learning outcomes. Better education data analysis tools can ease the evaluation process of teachers and helps them teach better.

  • Design and Architecture

    Appealing and interactive design features are prerequisites for learning applications. It helps to grab one’s attention to the content and makes the learning process easier. Engaging content is delivered using different design features.

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