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The world of technology is growing like a hockey stick graph. It is razing to ground obsolete and redundant technologies that no longer serve the needs of modern customers. It is time to move away from business running on legacy systems and grow with the times. 

Our Hi-Tech software development expertise can help develop solutions that will revamp the business operations for the good. From product development and management to building applications for the IoE, Perfomatix is a Hi-Tech software development company that can realise the vision of digital transformation and legacy modernization. 

Our expertise includes IoT, Product Development, Blockchain Development, IT Strategy Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Development among many others.


Our Solutions for the Hi-Tech Industry

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain Development

    Blockchain — the immutable ledger technology has within its ambit several sub-technologies, like smart contracts, digital identity, etc. that can reform the business processes. Take the right step forward towards Blockchain future with our Hi-Tech expertise.

  • iot

    IoT Development

    The web of internet-connected devices can provide real business value. From enhancing operational efficiency to cutting down manual errors, the opportunities are plenty. Our IoT development solutions can help to make the most of it.

  • strategy

    IT Strategy

    Digital transformation is a battle that needs a strong IT strategy to win. Our expertise in devising strategies for startups, SMBs and enterprises alike will come to aid in digital transformation.

  • ai

    Artificial Intelligence

    Find out new ways to put the organizational data to use. From automating routine tasks to creating self-learning systems that can respond to dynamic scenarios, we can enable Artificial Intelligence.

  • cloud-developement

    Cloud Development

    SaaS, iPaaS, UcaaS — cloud has several flavors which can be harnessed to reduce operational redundancies, scale operations dynamically or even put in place a whole new way of business functioning.

  • Aggregator

    Aggregator Platforms

    Build dynamic aggregator platforms on the lines of marketplaces, on-demand delivery models, UBER for X model, etc. Tap into growing subscription economy that has penetrated every industry including cab hailing, food ordering, travel planning, hospitality and so on.


Benefits of working with Perfomatix as a Technology Partner

  • Domain Expertise

    Perfomatix has in-house IT professionals who are domain experts in Hi-Tech verticals. Their knowledge and insights combined help us take better decisions and deliver greater value to our clients. Our team deliver solutions fast and accurate.

  • Tech-driven Solutions

    For every pressing business problem, technology has a scalable solution. This is the belief that drives Perfomatix. Our tech-driven solutions will negate the risk and errors that the analog processes create and create a culture of efficiency and innovation.

  • Regulatory Know-how

    Hi-Tech is an industry that operates at a global level. The rules and regulations change from country to country, our regulatory know-how helps us build IT solutions for our clients that fit well with the global regulatory requirements.

  • Quick Scalability

    Going from zero to one is not a privilege that is reserved only for unicorns. The Hi-Tech business can also scale up the volume and level of operation with the might of technology. Our expertise in the cloud will help businesses to scale seamlessly.

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How we deliver what we promise

  • data-transformation

    Data transformation

  • Data-enablement

    Digital enablement

  • Innovation-partnership-4

    Innovation partnership


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