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Software solutions for transforming the healthcare industry

Digital transformation has changed the healthcare sector for good, bringing in precision and efficiency in healthcare institutional organization. Perfomatix is committed to deliver reliable and effective IT solutions that will solve problems and maximize results for the healthcare industry.

Healthcare-focused software solutions of Perfomatix can help healthcare institutions to develop the right IT solutions for – operational management, providing patient-centric solutions, ensuring mobility of healthcare applications and even leveraging analytics for better decision-making. Healthcare scheduling software, healthcare analytics software ,are prominent health technology solutions.

Be it IoT-based patient wearables or analytical dashboards that turn real-time patient data into actionable insights, Perfomatix can deliver a plethora of healthcare solutions.


Our Software Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

  • telemedicine


    Bridge the distance between remote patients and doctors with the omnipresence of telemedicine systems that use the power of voice and video conferencing for patient care and monitoring.

  • wearable

    Patient Wearables

    Build patient wearable systems that provide healthcare providers and family members a real-time update of patient activity and health status.

  • mhealth


    Users can carry their personal health monitoring system in their pockets with mobile health applications for preventive healthcare solutions.

  • Patient-management

    Patient Management Systems

    Compile all patient data, their medical history, treatment diagnosis and every single byte of data on the cloud with Patient Management Systems. Bid goodbye to inefficient and unproductive paperwork.

  • ai-2

    Artificial Intelligence

    Detecting early symptoms of diseases becomes easier with Artificial Intelligence. AI can sift through tons of data to spot anomalies in patient’s health stats that could be related to diseases or ailments.

  • iot-2-1

    Internet of  Things

    Tiny button-sized sensors can be embedded into medical equipment to monitor regular activity, spot anomalies in optimum performance and to predict possible downtimes in the near future.


Benefits of working with Perfomatix as a Technology Partner

  • Domain expertise

    Perfomatix has in-house IT professionals who are domain experts in Healthcare verticals. Their knowledge and insights combined help us take better decisions and deliver greater value to our clients. Our team deliver solutions fast and accurate.

  • Tech-driven solutions

    For every pressing business problem, technology has a scalable solution. This is the belief that drives Perfomatix. Our tech-driven solutions will negate the risk and errors that analog processes create by creating a culture of efficiency and innovation.

  • Regulatory know-how

    Healthcare is an industry that operates at the global level. The rules and regulations change from country to country, our regulatory know-how helps us build IT solutions for our clients that fits well with the global regulatory requirements.

  • Quick scalability

    Going from zero to one is not a privilege that is reserved only for unicorns. Healthcare businesses can also be scaled up in volume and level of operation with the might of technology. Our expertise in cloud will help scale businesses seamlessly.

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