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More than 20 billion devices and appliances will be connected through the IoT by 2020. Internet of Things has been making rounds for a while now, with the worldwide adoption of 5G networking on a vast scale – IoT will finally have its time to shine. IoT at its very core is about connecting the physical world to the digital world, and this certainly impacts the business processes of the physical world. Let’s discuss how IoT can help your business enterprise to improve productivity and reinvent current processes by connecting it to the digital world.

Benefits of adopting IoT to business enterprises

IoT applications sync through connected devices and help organizations or business enterprises analyze data and generate insights. When you implement IoT into your business, it aligns with the current and future needs of the organization.

Parallel Device Management

IoT is one of the most popular technologies and has attracted a large number of industries and business enterprises. Some of the top industries, including IBM, Samsung, and others, have already adopted it. IoT technology can be integrated with various devices and enterprise technology infrastructures. The technology required is more flexible, scalable, and sustainable with on-board and off-board devices. That means that it connects two separate things (gadgets) and helps them function seamlessly.

Customized Data Management

Internet of Things (IoT) is a group of devices or system consisting of sensors, actuators, and gateways — just to name a few. These systems function at their level or based on the business infrastructure. However, every system carries out similar tasks, and that is to collect data at different intervals. When you have data, it needs filtration as per the nature of the information; the data must be constantly monitored to create better insight and be processed accurately for an analytical approach. If you leave this kind of data collection entirely upon the workforce, it is going to take a lot of time. IoT can efficiently manage your data without the involvement of manual labor. It not only manages data but also saves the data, which has a longer shelf life for the future.

Robust Security

Everything that connects to the Internet is vulnerable to a hack, and IoT is no exception to that. Even though an IoT platform or application comes enabled with security patches and encryption in its data transmission features, business enterprises should embed IoT security at every level so that no unauthorized person can access or compromise company data.

Scalability for the Future

An IoT platform must provide enterprise-ready devices that can connect through a large number of devices. Besides, it must be scalable and adaptable to the system so that business enterprise goals are met and can generate revenue.

Challenges of implementing IoT

The benefits of integrating IoT into business are monumental, but it is important to understand the challenges IoT possesses. While integrating high-end technology into your business process, it is crucial that you are well prepared for the risks that comes with it. Businesses need to make sure they have the right technology providers who can handle the integration process seamlessly, understanding the pros and cons of this technology is a must.

Security at Stake

IoT is gaining popularity, and so are its security threats. As I have previously discussed, your company’s data is at a greater risk of being compromised on IoT devices. However, the more you are prepared, the better it will protect you. That’s the simple rule that applies here. Make security a priority from the start of development.

Dealing With Complexity

IoT is connected through many devices and all work simultaneously. It raises questions about data collection and its potential issues. However, problems can be solved by implementing a universal software framework that allows flawless connection between the different IoT devices.

Generating Insights May be Tough

At some point in time, it will be complicated to track the precious information gathered by the IoT. The data collection process should be simple and in a form that makes information easy and everyone can understand it.

Privacy Issue

IoT works through remote sensors, and it could make your privacy open to all. Companies and business enterprises do not want devices and things to be accessible to all, or at least to certain people. It could be dangerous and even fatal in medical and assisted-living applications.

Choosing the right IoT platform

Some examples for IoT software platforms are AWS IoT platform, IBM IoT Foundation Device Cloud, Ericsson Device Connection Platform (DCP) – MDM IoT Platform and Bosch IoT Suite – MDM IoT Platform. The pain point for these platforms is the huge network bandwidth consumption between the sensor devices and the IoT server. By using lightweight communication protocols it can be reduced, evaluate your needs and necessities before choosing the right IoT platform.

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