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How AI can contribute to Web and App development

The possibilities are many, so we decided to pick the top 5 that you can focus on while building apps for supporting business operations or while developing your enterprise website. Perfomatix is the best artificial intelligence development company that develops the finest web and mobile apps.

Adobe in a recent study has found out that 47% of all digitally matured organizations have a clearly defined AI strategy in place. So here comes the question, have you set the stage for AI to redefine your enterprise technology stack? If not, then you are missing out on a whole plethora of possibilities. Wait, you don’t have to rush to buy the most advertised AI platforms or solutions and plug your data into 3rd party AI service providers or startups in the AI space. AI or machine learning to be more specific has capabilities that can influence even the smallest of software development activities in your organization whether you do it in-house or outsource it. For example, machine learning can change the way an app is built for your business or even revolutionize how your corporate website can interact with visitors online.

Better Search Experience

The right term would be “better information access” but today the most dominant terminology in this department is Search. From personal digital assistants like Siri, Google Now, Alexa and others to chatbots, consumers across industries are increasingly relying on AI enabled search assistants to help them obtain information from companies faster. So when you are building the next generation of web and mobile apps for your consumer-facing business, make sure to integrate an AI-powered search assistant in it to empower users to do more without your direct intervention.

Deliver the targeted customer experience

While marketing automation has enabled companies to target visitors to their enterprise apps and websites, the onslaught of AI power will make it even better. By leveraging data on previous visits, data from related customer profiles, AI induced systems can predict customer journeys and enable you to provide them with better experiences be it in information discovery or service availability or personalization. Integrating AI power will empower your business to drive faster returns from customer traffic on your web and mobile landscape with targeted offerings that have been arrived at with solid factual computations.

Improved Security

Most security protocols and systems deployed at enterprise grade websites and mobile apps rely on analytical comparison with known databases of threats. However, a new generation of AI enabled security systems are fast changing the landscape of cybersecurity. AI algorithms can precisely identify threats from patterns of data and help you thwart anomalies way before they can induce damage in your systems. If ramping up your security for cyber threats is a top priority, then you definitely need to invest in AI while building enterprise apps or even your website.

Contextual Marketing

Marketing is a key element for the success of any digital asset. But today marketers face the trouble of identifying the right customer persona to create a successful campaign. The reason is the incredibly vast diversity that is exhibited by consumers. With AI, it is possible to run immediate exercises in marketing based on predictable insights and then scale them rapidly based on success rates. AI systems can carve out contextual information from customer data rather than ordinary insights thereby giving more arsenal for marketers to exploit. A corporate website or app is a crucial marketing asset and integrating AI power into it can help unleash more value from campaigns since it can pick out contexts that work rather than just content that draws clicks.

Automated QA and Development

This might look like the end of the road for programmers, but in reality, it will be a priceless contribution to their growth. Utilizing AI for quality assurance during software development can speed up deployment as it can track bug patterns and warn developers to capture and rectify them before it goes live. AI can also be utilized to autonomously create scripts for monotonous tasks in an app or a website rather than have a programmer to physically code them. This would save time and also help organizations allocate software resources for more productive development tasks.

So there you have it folks, the top 5 use cases of AI that you can deploy while building apps or a corporate website for your enterprise. The biggest question you might be having with regards to AI adoption is the lack of a clear roadmap or advisory. This is where Perfomatix can be the game changer for you. With a long tradition of enabling AI power at some of the leading organizations globally, we can help ignite success in your AI ventures. Write to us today to know how we can help you.

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