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Should I hire a technical co-founder for my startup? Tips to help you decide | Offshore Software Development Company

Building a startup when you don’t have adequate coding skills is one of the toughest challenges you’ll face as an entrepreneur. You can have a phenomenal business idea and a planned path to profitability, but without a programmer to turn those plans into reality, your startup is dead in the water. With a bit of thoughtful planning, you can face your software development challenges head-on and be on your way towards launching your company. If you put the following tips into action, you can find a skilled partner to make your startup dream a reality. Hire an offshore software development company like Perfomatix to do software product development.

  • Decide early on whether you need a technical co-founder or whether you can outsource your coding requirements. Will you need development assistance as your company matures? Can you trust the code of an outsourced developer? Be aware of the pitfalls of outsourced code and compare those potential issues against the challenges of securing a co-founder who not only codes but is a good long-term business partner. Your decision can impact the success and longevity of your venture, so don’t make this decision in haste.
  • Know your product thoroughly in order to convince others of your company’s viability. Become a masterful storyteller so you can convince others to join you in building your startup. If you can’t deliver on the promise of your business’ future, how can you expect a software developer to join you on your journey?
  • If you decide to bring on a business partner, make sure you truly value the contributions of your technical co-founder. Far too often entrepreneurs think because they’re the one with the business idea, their contribution is of more value. With so many opportunities at their disposal, securing a talented technical co-founder is like finding a nugget of gold amongst millions of grains of sand. If your co-founder is made to feel they’re only part of the company because of their code contribution, don’t be surprised if they look elsewhere for opportunities. From salary to equity, make sure your technical co-founder is on equal footing.
  • Build your own coding skills, even if they’re just basic. The better you’re able to understand your partner’s contributions, the more sympathetic you’ll be to how hard they work. You might not be able to launch a product on your own, but your co-founder is likely to at least appreciate the effort.

These are just a few of the concerns you will need to address as you attempt to build your startup. Getting your technical house in order is only the first step. Understanding the talents you bring to the table and acknowledging the skills you don’t possess is only the beginning. By realizing the challenges involved in building a stellar team, you are more equipped to make the tough decisions that lie ahead.

Will you embark on your startup adventure as a solo-founder or will you bring on a partner to help shoulder the burden and celebrate the joy?

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