Frequently Asked Questions About Perfomatix

How can you ensure the protection of IP rights of a product you help develop?

Our ISO-certified business process ensures confidentiality and IPR protection. An NDA will be signed by both parties in the initial stages itself. We commit code to private code repositories owned by the client. Clients own all the code from the initial stages of development itself. 

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What are the services provided by Perfomatix?

Perfomatix offers a range of Product Engineering Services including MVP development, AGILE Product Development, mobile app development services, Applied Machine Learning, Software Blueprinting, IoT application development, UX & UI design, Cloud & DevOps, Quality Assurance, Augmented Reality Development and more. You can hire our team of skilled developers as your extended technical team, contact us now to know more.

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How much involvement do you need from clients in the development process?

Our AGILE methodology of Product Development ensures great involvement with the customer. We will be communicating with you regularly about updates to include your feedback in the process. Even if you’re not too tech-savvy, we will adapt and communicate with you accordingly by explaining the process. 

You can contact the designated Project Manager to get information regarding the project. We are also open to working as an extended development team with your existing team members by sharing our skilled developers.

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Where is Perfomatix located?

We are located in Singapore, USA, Australia and at Technopark Campus, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. We have a team of 100+ highly skilled developers and support staff in our offshore development center in India. We have an office in Singapore and sales teams with delivery managers in the US and Australia.

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What’s the cost and time required for developing an application?

The duration of building an application lies between 8 to 24 weeks, depending on the requirements to be met. It’s the same regarding the cost of application development, it varies with the technology stack used and the experience level of resources involved in the process. We have both engagement models – Fixed Pricing and Time & Material. For FP the cost lies somewhere between $10,000 – $100,000. 

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Can you briefly describe your product development process?

Our product development mainly revolves around four phases,


  • Product Blueprinting – We will guide you from product ideation by conducting multiple discussions with the customer and creating the UI/UX wireframes, requirements documentation, user flow, and mockups. Transforming a problem statement to a solution document, wireframes, and commercials in 4 weeks.


  • Product Prototyping – The whole application flow and user journey will be envisioned in the product prototype. From a blueprint to a scalable MVP in 12 weeks using our pre-built components and microservices.


  • Product Development – Turn your MVP into market-ready products using tailored High-Velocity AGILE development process.


  • Extended Development Team – Dedicated developers work as an extended technical team for you by handling support requests and adding new functionalities to the product. 


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When should I go for an extended development team?

When you have an idea for creative product design, it’s often a lot of work to hire an AGILE product development team. To hire our developers, all you need to know is the technology and the type of developers you need, and a person to give them guidelines.

This person can assign work and give inputs to a team of remote developers. The key advantages of using the Perfomatix development team are the flexibility of scope and working with named resources throughout the project.

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Will you be able to increase the size of the development team if required?

Of course, we are able to expand as per the demand of the project. Our technical team is quite large in number and most of them are widely skilled, this helps us to adapt easily to new requirements.

We can assign more team members to your projects when a need arises to ensure faster implementation and development. Being a full-stack engineering company, Perfomatix adapts easily to the growing demands of technology upgradation.

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What makes Perfomatix the best choice?

Perfomatix is a product engineering services company focussed on high-velocity AGILE product development starting from blueprinting and wireframing to deployments at scale.

Here’s why you should choose Perfomatix;

  • Top Product Engineering Services with MVP development, Software Blueprinting, Mobile App Development Services, and Agile Product Development.
  • Accelerated Development Process combining the benefits of both Agile and Waterfall models.
  • Experience working with more than 200 startups, besides being a preferred technology partner for many MNCs. 
  • Our development team will be your outsourced innovation center.
  • Flexible pricing structure adapting to customer requirements.  

We bring “creative design and development“, “enterprise-grade technology expertise and maturity” in product development for startups and SMEs. For enterprises, we offer “agility and nimbleness” to their digital transformation journey. Perfomatix evolved as an industry leader by working closely with various industry stakeholders. We innovate and adapt fast, we got you.

How do you guarantee product quality and do you have in-house testing team?

We have an independent in-house QA team of testers and analysts to regularly check the product quality and efficiency. We take quality as a major factor in the early stages itself, even in requirement gathering and product ideation.

Efficient communication also factors in to ensure the product quality, we use DevOps tools like Jenkins to automate and integrate the development process.

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