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Diving Deep with Flutter

Excerpts from Ep.2 Tech Talks @ Perfomatix with Vipin V and Aravind Vijay, Mobile App Developers at Perfomatix.

Flutter is an open-source mobile UI framework developed by Google for Android & iOS. It is a cross-platform application development framework that compiles code natively, and it is the most exciting feature about Flutter. Flutter uses the open-source graphical engine called Skia for its UI widgets and it is implemented in multiple platforms. When we add any labels, text, or a button in Flutter – it automatically gets compiled into Native, and it runs like a Native app. Flutter supports Java, Kotlin, and Objective-C; hence Flutter’s Native like features make it stand out. Flutter can be used to build different types of applications with a focus on UI, like Entertainment apps, Utility apps or Lifestyle Apps. Some of the popular apps built on Flutter are – Google Ads Mobile app, Alibaba E-commerce App, and most importantly – Reflectly. The UI of Reflectly is excellent and puts Flutter on the map – because replicating that on a Native platform is quite hard. 

Flutter is a boon for businesses that are looking to develop a low-cost MVP on multiple platforms. Consider you are a startup company and trying to create mobile apps for Android & iOS. You’d need different developers for both, and these codes will be mostly replicated. Flutter can reduce development cost and time, it can use a single code repository for both Android & iOS. React Native is the top competitor of Flutter, since both of them are mobile-first platforms. React Native uses JavaScript for development called Reactjs, and the learning curve for web developers is relatively easy in React Native. When it comes to Flutter, Dart is the programming language, and it resembles Kotlin & Swift. Hence, mobile developers can easily understand Flutter with a better experience. The key benefit is the User Interface feature is much better and faster when it comes to Flutter over React Native. 

Flutter has ‘Hot Reload,” and hence it is much faster, for example, Flutter could replicate a Native Android App, which took six months to develop and was done in 18 days. Google has produced well-made documentation and makes the learning process easier for developers. The lack of sufficient libraries in Flutter might drag the development speed, 

Summing Up,

What are the Benefits of Flutter for Your Business?

  • Faster Code Writing
  • Less Testing
  • Perfect for MVP
  • Excellent UI
  • Open-source
  • Excellent Flutter documentation

Should Your Business Use Flutter to Create an App?

Flutter mobile app development undoubtedly has a plethora of benefits for businesses. It is easier to build UI intensive apps using Flutter with simple functionalities. Google is coming up with new updates, and expanding the libraries, making the developer experience smoother. The testing process and code maintenance is much faster in Flutter. But when it comes to data-intensive and hardware-based applications, Flutter is not the ideal choice, and it’s better to go with React Native. 

The future of Flutter for app development is promising. It is excellent for cross-platform app development. Google is going to come out with Fuschia -which is a microkernel-based OS with IoT & Edge computing applications. With the introduction of these exciting features, Flutter will become the top contender in cross-platform development.

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