The client is a strategic insight consultancy that offers research, measurement and tracking services. This project is specifically to research and find out the satisfaction level in Employees of an International hotel chain. The scope of the project is to build 

  • A chat bot for doing qualitative market research
  • Admin module to capture the interviewee response and details


The proposed solution is to develop a custom bot that will have a knowledge base supporting the requirement/need. Intelligent bot development which is scalable as per required, the bot will be set as it will learn and develop knowledge based on the key points we require.

Chatbot in a website/mobile app will answer all questions asked by a user when on your website/Mobile App. A keyword is enough for a bot to find the answer and intelligently manage the customer. We will provide a custom web-page (QnA generator) as to configure the FAQ/Q&A session to provide a FAQ data source which you can query from your Bot/Application. 

  • Facebook integration in the initial phase. When a link is received, the user will be redirected to facebook account  with bot interface opened .
  • Manage FAQ or QnA maker, a separate webpage to customize bot for your purpose with your bot identity
  • Configure bot to deliver the best options, answers.
  • As the bot is ready, the bot will learn and build a knowledge base from existing chats/conversations. 

Perfomatix will be developing the chatbot using DialogFlow

After analyzing the requirements of the client, Perfomatix has come up with a high-level functionality for the requirements.

The user roles as per the requirements are as follows:

  • Respondent
  • Admin

The components of the platform are as follows:

  • Chatbot
  • Web based admin portal

Functional Requirements: Chat module

  • Chat interface
  • Reply box
  • Close button

Functional Requirements: Web application for Admin


  • Log in using a valid email id and password

View user details

  • View respondent name
  • Log details

View Responses 

  • Ability of the user to view each responses from respondents

Phase 2

  • Image/Video upload
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Dashboard view for admin- Insight view
  • Object recognition 
  • Integration with Whatsapp and other social media platforms



Module Recommended Technology Stack
Frontend Development Angular
Backend Development Java Spring MVC
Chatbot Google dialog flow
Database MySQL


Total Project cost including development, testing, and deployment (USD)
Development cost of  a Chatbot for Market Research   USD 12,000
Estimated Duration   6 Weeks

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