The client is one of the top Food & Beverages Providers in Singapore. They are currently using a Cloud CRM and POS System. The system suffers from an unattractive UI and are not able to get customers come to the store regularly. The client is looking to Build an independent platform for both Customers and Merchants ( Multi vendor Platform).

The scope of this project is to build a Multi vendor platform as well as a Customer facing platform for Collecting and Redeeming loyalty Points. The scope also includes the customer to book a pick up for items and payment through the system.


After analysing the requirements and the pain points of the client, Perfomatix has come up with a high-level functionality for the Loyalty Platform.

The user roles as per requirements are as follows:

  • Merchants
  • End Users
  • Admin

The components of the platform are as follows:

  • Native Mobile Application for End Users( Both Android and iOS)
  • Web Portal for Merchants
  • Web Portal for Admin

Mobile Application for End Users



  • Login
  • Register
  • Home screen
  • Store Locator
  • View Offers and Menu cards
  • Pre-Order beverages and do a pick up
  • Add money to wallet
  • Receive/ View/ Redeem Loyalty Points
  • View collected/ redeemed Loyalty points along with transaction details
  • View order history and quick ordering
  • Loyalty point to cash conversion
  • Feedback
  • View invoice

Web Application for Multiple Merchants



  • Login- Using provided Credentials
  • Add images of Products/Pricing/Menu list and Offers
  • View Loyalty points of registered members
  • Receive order details
  • Sent Notification
  • View transaction details
  • Receive Loyalty points while signing in/Customer redeeming
  • View Received Points and transaction details
  • Approve and provide points
  • Cash to point conversion ( cent to point)


Web Application for Admin


  • Register
  • Approval for providing Loyalty points
  • View Merchants/End Users Point details and transaction details
  • Manage Merchants


3.5 View each orders of Merchants

User Flow Diagram


End User



Module Recommended Technology Stack
Front End Angular 6
Backend Java Spring MVC
Mobile Native Android, iOS/SWIFT
Database MySQL
Hosting Amazon Web Services


Estimated Project cost including development, testing, and deployment (SGD):
Component Estimated Cost Estimated Duration
Loyalty Platform

  • Native Mobile App for Customers
  • Web Application for Merchants
  • Web Application for Admin
65,000 USD 20 weeks

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