An International Transit Agency needed a simple yet intelligent solution to automate the operation command centre of a major Public Transport System in South East Asia. It intends to build and deploy an Artificial Intelligence-Driven Public Bus Monitoring and Intervention System to assist the Client-side Operation Command Centre to monitor all bus services in fixed routes and carry out intervention measures, in real-time. This is a state-of-the-art system to ensure seamless public transport.

The Proposed Project Components are;

  • Web based Public Bus Monitoring and Intervention System for in-house operators
  • Web based admin module for user and access management


After analyzing the requirements, Perfomatix has come up with high-level functionality.

The user roles are as follows:

  • In-house Operators
  • Admin

The components are

  • Web based application for in-house operators
  • Web based application for admin user

Functional Specifications- Web application for in-house operators

  • Login with security features
  • Landing Screen to have the following information;
  1. Bus type listing ( truck buses. Feeder buses, Premium buses, Shuttle buses, Nite buses, City direct buses, )
  2. Bus number ( dropdown), Origin location ( Dropdown), Destination ( Dropdown)
  3. On submit, User should land on a map view page
  4. Tasks listings and Notifications bar
  • Map view to have the following features;
  1. The ability of the user to view the selected bus in the map
  2. View bus stopping points
  3. User should be able to select bus from a drop-down  and view the locations real-time
  4. Show Traffic conditions, Weather details, Restricted Routes, 
  5. Show Physical constraints of the bus
  6. Physical constraints link should redirect to a pop up showing Physical constraints details ( assuming no charts and graphs will be shown)
  • Bus details and Forecast to display the following information
  1. Show normal Arrival time on each bus stops ( clicking on  a bus station in the map should show a pop up with arrival time, )
  2. Show late by how much time
  3. Show Excess waiting time
  4. Show total run time ( in Hrs)
  5. Show On-time Adherence ( Can be shown in Percentage)
  • Notifications Module
  1. In-app notifications 
  2. Show notifications for events triggered by the third party
  3. Can assume up to 10-15 events for a bus
  • Comments module
  1. Ability of the user to view a modal when selected a notification
  2. Add text and submit
  3. View comments listing page
  • Optimized route
  1. Show best routes in the map
  2. Real-time bus time calculation
  3. Bus timing in Optimized route ( Estimated time)
  • Halfway deployment
  1. View conditions/ events ( ex- breakdown, accidents)
  2. View the substitute bus in the route
  • View bus details
  1. Current driver details
  2. Substitute driver details ( if any)
  • AI Integration
  1. View dashboard
  2. Show Bar chart/ trend chart/Pie chart
  3. Statistical data of the following
  4. Number of buses in a route
  5. Buses and EWT chart
  6. Buses and RT chart
  7. Buses and on-time adherence chart
  • Report generation
  1. Download as a PDF report ( filter by date)
  2. Number of buses in a route
  3. Buses and EWT 
  4. Buses and RT 
  5. Buses and on-time adherence 
  6. Bus drivers export
  7. Export map view as PDF
  • Search a bus number and view details on the map

Functional Specifications- Web application for admin

  • Bus Numbers and Route mapping
  • Bus driver and bus number mapping
  • Bus driver name and details (Grouping, License registration, Fleet type, Fleet number, Fleet Name, fleet zone, fleet company, fleet manager)
  • Create & Manage Tasks for users, Update Task Status
  • User action tracking – clicks, log details, errors and generate report as XLS
  • View each user’s comments on notifications
  • Search comments by users

The process diagram of the solution is shown below;




Module Recommended Technology Stack
Frontend Angular
Backend NodeJS- Loopback
Real time Notifications
Database MS SQL
Hosting  AWS cloud
Version Control Github/Bitbucket
CI/CD Jenkins


Total Project cost including development, testing, and deployment (USD)
Development of  Public Transport Management System   USD 38,000
Estimated Duration   10  Weeks

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