The client wanted to enable awareness around sustainability of assets managed by suppliers with the help of blockchain based digital solutions. The aim of this program is to make people of the asset longevity and track their assets in a single web based portal. The solution has to use convenient, and data intensive blockchain model to ensure data security of asset information while processing details of the longevity of the assets listed by suppliers.


The objective of the project is to create a web based sustainability tracking application that enables suppliers to enter the asset details and make the tracking process for the organisation admins’ seamless.

After analyzing the requirements from the customer for the application, Perfomatix has come up with a high-level functionality list:

The User roles are as follows:

  • Admin
  • Suppliers

The components of the solution are as follows;

  • Web application for Admin/Suppliers
  • High-Level Functional Specifications- Web application for Admin/Suppliers

The web application would have the following features;

  • Login and Register using valid Email Id and password
  • Dashboard with all the functionalities listed in an attractive UI
  • Ability of the user to track sustainability
  • Search  and view Assets using an asset id
  • Show the asset life cycle, status and transaction hash
  • Show block number

The suppliers upload the details about the asset such as the owner name, sustainability index into the supplier portal. After the supplier submits the data into the portal ,the data is transferred to the Perfomatix platform where the encryption and submission of data to IPFS is done. The platform abstracts the complexity of submitting the transaction to the smart contract and vendor info is submitted to smart contract by the platform

When the investor is given access to the data, the Perfomatix platform takes care of the data and decrypts them and fetches it for the investors to view. In addition to the previous solution advantages, our platform can be utilised which already have all the functionalities for asset management for decentralized application build in to reduce the development effort.

Since blockchain is constantly updating at a rapid pace, the application maintenance cost increases as the tech stack has to be updated regularly. Since this platform abstracts this and all these updates are done under the hood, the maintenance overhead decreases thereby reducing the overall cost of maintaining the application.

By making use of analytics module of the platform, one could get a comprehensive status on the usage of the asset sustainability factor any time.



Frontend Development Angular
Backend Development NodeJS
Smart contract development Solidity
Blockchain Platform Ethereum
Middleware Web3JS
Database MySQL


Total Project cost including development, testing, and deployment (USD)
Development of  Sustainability Tracking Solution   USD 58,000
Estimated Duration   12  Weeks
Scope Inclusions

  • Planning, Research, Requirement Analysis
  • Architecture Planning
  • Website Development
  • Blockchain application development
  • MVP & Test Network  (Ethereum)
  • Build Release and Iteration (MVP)
  • Configuration & Deployment (MVP)

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