The client needed a solution to measure body perimeters,which uses a smart garment with measuring bands, which adjust to the body perimeters to be measured. This show through a window a code that is associated with the length that has the measuring band and, an App that scans the window code and associates the dimension of the measuring band with the measured body part.

The scope is to build an Android mobile application with pattern recognition capability to perform the part measurement activity.


After analyzing the requirements, Perfomatix has come up with high-level functionality.

The user roles are as follows:

  • End user

The components are

  • Native android application for end user

Functional Specifications- Mobile application of end user

Splash screen

  • Ability of the user to land on the splash screen after selecting the app icon


  • UNIT OF MEASUREMENT with the word SELECT (black at 50% opacity) on its right (without any unit of measurement yet) flashing in red.
  • The image of the dummy without any yellow perimeter surrounding it.
  • No value (figure) with the unit of measure, next to the words of the different parts of the body to the right of the dummy.
  • In the FIT column (to the right of the image), the points in gray (black at 30% opacity) and with the word SELECT (black at 50% opacity) to the right of each one.
  • Measurement history button the words CHEST, WAIST and HIPS 

Measuring process

  • On selecting the chest button application should start the scan process and display the measurement
  • Ability of the user to repeat the process
  • The value (figure) resulting from the measurement is displayed next to the word CHEST on the right of the dummy, in the selected unit of measure. If inches was selected, the format will be 0.00, and if centimeters was selected the format will be 00.0). That value will be a numerical input that will be used to compare it in the purchase process
  • Yellow perimeter display around waist
  • Ability of the user to measure the waist size
  • Display waist size
  • Ability of the user to measure hip size
  • Display hip size

Fit selection

  • Select the type of fit as
  • Tight
  • Normal
  • Loose
  • Baggy
  • Calculation of the measurement based on the selected fit

Measurement history

  • A full chart shows the evolution of all recorded body measurements.
  • A graph that shows the evolution of the chest measurements recorded.
  • A graph that shows the evolution of the waist measurements recorded.
  • A graph that shows the evolution of the hips recorded measurements.


  • Searches in the database for all the garments of the selected type.
  • Compares the numerical input of each part of the body (where appropriate, with the value of the type of adjustment added) with the corresponding dimensions of all the garments found.




Module Recommended Technology Stack
Mobile Application Native android SDK
Image identification OpenCV


Total Project cost including development, testing, and deployment (USD)
Development of  Application   USD 5,000
Estimated Duration   4  Weeks

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