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Celebrating 7th Foundation Day of Perfomatix! Virtually!

Each of us at Perfomatix waits eagerly for the 15th of August to celebrate the foundation day. The day is usually full of joyous party vibes, games, and cultural events, and we get to connect and enjoy the day like no other. But, this year, the pandemic hit, and there went our hopes of having a fun-filled Foundation Day. We weren’t sure how we could keep the spirits high and conduct a harmonious celebration – virtually, of course.

The event was planned keeping in mind to engage the team as much as possible via Google Meet. We had great participation, with over 90% of our team attending the meet. The Virtual Celebrations started with a live screening of Perfomatix Foundation Day highlights from last year. Instantly, everyone’s face lit up, and there was a feeling of togetherness in the air. We moved to the Keynote Address by our beloved CEO, Liju Pillai, who shared some genuinely encouraging words and an inspiring vision for the coming year. Later, some of our teammates shared their experiences, and we had a laughing riot in between when memories were shared. We announced winners of our Annual Business Awards, and some of the musically talented teammates delivered cover songs that were endearing for everyone present.

The final verdict for the Virtual Foundation Meet was resonating in each of the participants’ faces. Everyone was smiling and having a great time and interacting with each other in between, cheering for others, and applauding the ones who won the awards. Some shared photos from past foundation day and reminisced about the fun they had the previous years. The smiling faces, endearing, and appreciating nature of the event brought out the actual essence of Perfomatix Foundation Day – a fun time that brought the team together. It wouldn’t have been possible with each and everyone who contributed to making this worthwhile. The day ended with sharing the hope of enjoying this day next year, in-person, as usual.

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