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Celebrating 5 Years of fast-forwarding innovation!!!

We celebrated our 5th birthday in Singapore at the Meeting Point @ JTC LaunchPad, in the presence of our valuable clients, partners, advisors, and employees. A quinquennial is a long time. Few things in our lives or the world last that long—the average tech startup doesn’t quite make two years. At Perfomatix today we have completed five years of our remarkable journey. We started Perfomatix in 2013 with a mission to make technology & innovation accessible to all. This journey began with three guys sitting around in a room. We knew only two things: we wanted to be a company, and we wanted to be disruptive. Like any startup, we have had our fair share of failures, but as the saying goes:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

We believe the Perfomatix family is now stronger, wiser and we are all excited about the opportunities ahead of us. We rejoice that we are blessed with such an excellent team of employees and partners, along with a strong advisory board to guide us in the right direction and focus on our goals. We celebrate the joy of learning as we work as technology partners with our clients ranging from billion-dollar enterprises to early-stage startups. There is only one thing common across our clients which is cutting edge innovation.

At Perfomatix we believe success is a two-way street. Our unique business model, wherein we work mostly on innovation and product development, means our customer’s success is our success. We are truly invested in the success of our clients.

“It is rightly said that it doesn’t matter where you go in your life, but what matters the most is whom you have beside you all the way.”

We believe no company should be at a disadvantage, because of its size, revenue or geography, when it comes to having access to cutting-edge technology that drives innovation and growth. Over the years we have developed our talent, process and delivery model with this one goal in mind. We believe in delivering exceptional digital innovative projects and software that everyone can afford. We think that all of this can be done not just without evil, but with a real generosity of spirit and action.

Today while completing a five-year journey we are thrilled to say that we were fortunate enough to have partnered with some amazing companies in their journey towards fast-paced innovation and disruption. With projects completed in multiple domains, geographies, and technology areas we believe we are staying true to our mission.

Many thanks to the incredible team and a community that’s been so supportive from the start!

Perfomatix | Product Engineering Services Company