How to choose the right mobile app development platform?

In part 1 of the series, we analyzed why businesses need a mobile app. Also, we touch base on different app categories, platforms, device form factors etc. We also went through the typical workflow within a company on how the decision-making process for developing a mobile app. Also, we looked into specifics of why companies […]

Why protractor for end-to-end testing in AngularJs?

Are you working on AngularJS applications? Are you searching for a test framework to do End-to-End testing in Angular applications more effectively? Then this post will help you to taste a familiar automation framework specific to AngularJS called Protractor or commonly referred as Protractor AngularJS. Most of us are familiar with the WebDriver (Selenium) which […]

Why fluent automation for testing your web applications?

Let us explore today’s varied choices we have for Automated Browser Testing. There are headless WebKit browsers like PhantomJS and cloud-powered multi-browser testing tools like BrowserStack and SauceLabs. Also, Selenium is kind of the gold standard and offers not only a lot of “drivers” but also a lot of language bindings with which drive a […]