Server-less Real Time Analytic Platforms: What ROI does enterprises gain from it

Serverless computing is not new to the tech world today. From the days of Netflix to modern day social media platforms like Instagram, some of the world’s most consumed web services rely on Serverless platforms for their daily operations. For beginners, Serverless computing is basically developing an application as a collection of computing components that […]

Accelerate your software development with High-Velocity Delivery model

The Software is eating the world & need for software development is ever increasing. In order to thrive in the new world, every company needs to become a software company in some sense or at least be willing to heavily invest on software development in today’s world.No matter what industry you’re in, you are expected […]

Our clients said they are happy, on Clutch

In the modern digital world, strong online presence has become the mandatory criteria for credibility and brand image. At Perfomatix, we have always given prime importance to building a good online presence through social media, content marketing and also by maintaining profiles in all leading business networking websites. Recently we found Clutch — a ratings […]

5 Tips to improve the user experience of your mobile app

Hundreds of mobile apps are getting launched in the app stores every day. In 2016 alone, there were around 1.25 million apps which got published via Play store alone and around 5 Million apps are already present in the market. Studies reveal that 90% of all downloaded apps are used only once and then eventually […]

Testing the usability of mobile apps – A quick-starter guide on mobile UX testing

A tremendous increase in the number of smartphone users in the global market creates a huge demand for developing more mobile apps as people are spending more time on their phones. Hence, making flawless applications have become a major challenge for the makers to survive among the competitors. The primary reason for the success achieved […]

What makes MEAN stack popular among startups?

Over the years MEAN stack has grown as a popular choice among full stack developers. More and more developers joined the parade mainly because MEAN is an all JavaScript stack. Apart from the easier learning and transition curves, MEAN stack also offers many advantages over other developmental stacks making it one of the most preferred […]

How much does it cost to make an app – The best guide

In today’s smartphone-enabled world, it is almost impossible to build a successful startup without a mobile application. Whether you are entering the enterprise space or B2C business, end users expect your company to offer a mobile application. Unless someone on your team knows how to write code, creating your own app is out of the […]

Should I hire a technical co-founder for my startup? Tips to help you decide

Building a startup when you don’t have adequate coding skills is one of the toughest challenges you’ll face as an entrepreneur. You can have a phenomenal business idea and a planned path to profitability, but without a programmer to turn those plans into reality, your startup is dead in the water. With a bit of […]

How to accelerate your startup by hiring the right app developers

Taking a business from napkin sketch to thriving startup does not magically happen overnight. Entrepreneurs can toil for years in an effort to turn their idea into a cash-flow positive venture. For street smart entrepreneurs, there is one proven way to hack startup growth: outsource development at an early stage. Too often, entrepreneurs believe all […]