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How to Become a Test Automation Engineer in 2022

Automated testing has grown tremendously in the previous decade. Vendors have released new tools, developers have built new open-source solutions, and testers have been swamped with a plethora of automated tes...

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Cypress – Everything you need (1/5)

Setting up a test environment is always a hectic task. Usually QA professionals spend at least an hour to even a day to Installing all required frameworks, dependencies and configure the same to start writing t...

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Cypress – A Game changer in Test Automation | Software Testing Company

Test Automation is the way to strengthen the Quality Assurance process. Development tools are evolving, so has been testing tools. We all know the big changes made by Selenium in test automation -now time has c...

What’s inside Selendroid Selenium for Android
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What’s inside Selendroid: Selenium for Android?

Just imagine, you developed an Android application and published it to Google Play. Then you get a user review like ‘This app has too many bugs, I don’t like it’. Hence, it is important that you test the app we...

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