About the Client

The client provides a platform where photographers can upload their best photographs as the nomination for the photography contest. The motto behind this work is to reward the best photographer and at the same time to have the best collection of photographs.

About the Project

The project is to develop a photography contest platform where a photographer can submit their best photos for the nomination. The client needed complete solutions which could solve the following cases:

  • Admin to manage different entries from photographers and jury member
  • Different categories for submission of photos
  • Different rewards for various categories
  • Managing judges and jury members for view and ratings of best photographs
  • Displaying of ratings and reviews of the judges

The Solution

The submission of the photographs for the contest and to choose the best among them was custom built for wedding photography with the following components:

  • Web application for Admin
  • Web application for Photographers
  • Web application for Judges

Technology Stack Used

  • Frontend – HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript
  • CMS – WordPress
  • Backend – PHP
  • Database – MySQL

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