About the Client

A platform to integrate existing ERP systems and acts as a wrapper around legacy systems. The technology is developed to provide the new functionalities to the without disturbing the existing system. The client leveraged Perfomatix capabilities as a top app development company to develop this ERP solution.

About the Project

To enable existing ERP consumers to utilize new functionalities without modifying the existing legacy ERP system. The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Enable existing ERP consumers to  utilize new functionalities without modifying the existing legacy ERP system
  • Allow users to connect to multiple ERP systems through the same platform
  • Implement powerful reporting and search functionalities using the data provided by the legacy systems

The Solution

A complete customer experience management was custom built for the client with the following components:

  • Web Application
  • Android Mobile Application
  • iOS Mobile Application

Technology Stack Used

  • Frontend Mobile –  Ionic, Cordova
  • Frontend Web – AngularJS
  • Backend – C#, .Net
  • DB – PostgreSQL

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