About the Client

The client is a connected health company headquartered in Tennessee, USA. It is completely dedicated to improving the patient experience, finding new ways to connect patients with providers, and delivering VIP medicine at scale. They needed a complete solution to digitize doctor-patient interactions. Perfomatix is a world-class Health tech company and developed several health-tech web and mobile applications.

About the Project

The app (Web & iOS) is a connected health platform that enables real time, HIPAA compliant communications between healthcare providers and patients. The app enables a patient in need to schedule an appointment and communicate with a doctor to seek medical help. The doctor also can prescribe medicines online, which can be distributed to the patient from pharmacies nearby.


The client needed a complete telemedicine platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Single platform to manage doctors, patients, and nurses
  • Slot-based appointment booking with doctors
  • 24/7 emergency online medical help
  • Live video calls connecting doctors and patients
  • Online prescriptions


Team Perfomatix came up with a complete telemedicine platform that was custom built for the client. They needed a conclusive platform to manage doctors, patients, and nurses – in a mission to digitize healthcare. The application would have the following functionalities;

  • Information of local hospitals, healthcare centres, doctors and clinics to be available in the platform
  • High security to ensure utmost care in handling personal health data
  • Appointments facility wherein users can choose time slots
  • Easily send and receive prescriptions with pharmacies & doctors
  • Medical record of the user to be displayed and stored within the platform

The Solution

Perfomatix developed a custom mobile application for the client with an intuitive user interface which made it appealing to the consumers. A complete digital platform was created to simplify the healthcare procedures for patients, doctors and hospital systems. The users could store their medical records into one unified platform and not worry about losing them. The telemedicine application simplifies appointment taking and e-prescription allows users to avoid unnecessary complexities. The transparency in storing data adds to the advantages of this telemedicine platform.

A complete telemedicine platform was custom built for the client with the following components:

  • iOS app for doctors and patients
  • Web app for doctors, nurses and patients
  • Admin panel that could be accessed from mobile app or web app

Architecture Diagram


Technology Stack Used

Frontend (Web App) AngularJS, HTML5, CSS
Backend (Web App) Java
Mobile (iOS) Swift, Spring
Database  MySQL


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